Apple releases OS 4.1 beta 3, pulls Game Center for older devices

“Apple tonight posted its third beta of iOS 4.1 to the iOS developer center,” MacNN reports.

“The update comes just a week after beta 2 and, so far, is known to pull support for some older devices for Game Center,” MacNN reports. “The social network component is ‘no longer supported’ on the iPhone 3G or second-generation iPod touch, Apple said in its notes.”

MacNN reports, “Other changes to iOS 4.1 haven’t been discovered as of press time, although the build already fixes the overly sensitive proximity sensor, adds remote control of Bluetooth audio, and parental controls over both Game Center and FaceTime.”

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  1. I hope they fix the bettery drain issue me and allot of other people have after updating to iOS4 on iPod Touch 2G… Made my iPod Touch almost useless… Search in the Apple forums, there is a huge thread there about it.

  2. @ karlv

    Our battery drain issue was caused by notifications.. We turned them off on the 2nd gen touch and now the battery lasts as long as it did with iOS 3. it was the wi fi staying connected all the time that caused our headache. Since we really don’t depend on the notifications on the touch, it wasn’t a big deal for us to disable them…

  3. yeah, Apple and Google and Adobe will soon realize that less is better.

    Fewer gizmos, fewer notifications ( I know that sounds bad but think of longeveity ) all these factors will WIN over people who like lonnnng battery life.

  4. If anyone has the proximity issue you could use the ear buds with the mic built in until the next update hopefully fixes the issue. Besides it’s probably less hazardous to your brain. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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