News Corp. considering new digital news venture focused on iPad

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“News Corp. is seriously considering what could be a game change in the digital news industry,” Julia Boorstin reports for CNBC. “Sources close to the company tell me that the company is considering creating a new purely digital news play that would be designed for the app world and would be available through subscription on devices like the iPad.”

MacDailyNews Take: There are no other devices like the iPad. And, even when Apple’s roadkill finally do manage to launch things that claim to be “like the iPad,” they won’t be.

Boorstin continues, “This new digital news venture would incorporate text, photo and video, tailored for the iTunes app format …. neither a newspaper nor a news website — it would not be based on any of News Corp’s existing papers… [It] could be announced within a month.”

“News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch has long expressed his commitment to subscriptions, recently launching paywalls for his two uk newspapers,” Boorstin reports. “His Wall Street Journal subscription app has established a strong track record with Apple’s Steve Jobs.”

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[Attribution: MacRumors. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. If it’s like the rest of Murdoch’s yellow rags and Republican “Truth” Ministry (Faux Newz), I’ll pass. I’d still like to know the backroom deal with then Speaker Gingrich where he was granted expidited US Citizenship so he could by TV stations in the US. Shortly after Gingrich had a book via his publisher.

  2. Embracing new media can be a good thing for old media guys. How the old media guys deal with current print subscribers while migrating to iPad-enabled digital representation will be interesting. Charging print subscribers for digital distribution is not necessarily a wise move.

  3. I’ll wait till MSNBC or CNN come up with something like this. Although the concept is intriguing, I’m more comfortable with the liberal slant of the two aforementioned news organizations, than the conservative slant of Murdoch/Fox News.

    Not that I’m close-minded or anything, I just refuse to listen to anything that criticizes Obama or the democrats.

    And just to make sure I stay consistent, I do not only not watch Fox News, but I also don’t watch the Fox network (Sorry, Simpsons) or movies from 20th Century Fox.

    When a single rogue like Murdoch and his evil Fox News dares to question the role of big government/not loving democrats in a “you complete me way” our response must be unified and severe. Cut the Fox machine off at the knees. Then relax and watch some Keith Olberman or Rachel Maddow or the more objective people like Chris Matthews and bask in the warmth of their hate for the right.

    Hey I got one. Sit down because you’re going to laugh your ass off. You know how it’s called “Fox News”, right? Try this: “FAUX News” ha ha. Get it? Lol I just came up with that, a brilliant idea if I do say so myself.

  4. People should be listening to everyone and formulating opinions that way. It’s not the ones who announce their differing views that tou need to worry about. It’s the ones you want to believe that can dupe you.

    MW “evidence” as in Get some.

  5. I don’t need to listen to Fox to know what they’re going to say. They’re right wing propaganda machine. Murdoch’s noise won’t be on my iPad; that’s what freedom is all about.

  6. I think, the APP store was extremely good to begin with, but now it has become quite a mess. Particularly because of the huge amount of apps. Maybe subcategorizing would be helpful and in adition a more advanced search function.
    As for portable newsmagazines, I certainly would be willing to pay for subscribtion. Only jurnalism which is financially payed by the actual readers is forced to do decent jurnalism.
    I they suck, the readers stop subscribing. It’ as simple as that. All freely available newspapers I know are really catastrophic.

  7. If you value a free Internet you should resist any move News Corp. are making with regards to digital content. They want to turn it into the same old style business model they’ve used with newspapers, only without the overheads of actual print and distribution.

    Seriously, avoid or we’ll all be paying more in the long run.

  8. WSJ
    Let’s see.. paper version, ipad version, iPhone version, new, specially designed ipad version and super duper professional PRO version. You can pay for the same information multiple ways! AND, you get the spaghetti brained wsj opinions as well. The only thing I don’t see is Rupert’s Page 6.

    Steve is a progressive, burn.

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