Steve Jobs to mouse: I brought you into this world and I can take you out

“Easily the most interesting thing Apple unveiled today is the new Magic Trackpad,” MG Siegler writes for TechCrunch. “Essentially, it’s a larger version of the trackpads that ship with each MacBook and MacBook Pro. But it’s a stand-alone product, meant to be used with desktop computers.”

“‘Looking at the big picture, more users are using our trackpad because there are more notebook users than desktop users,’ an Apple representative told me today when discussing the Magic Trackpad,” Siegler writes. “‘People love the trackpad. People love those characteristics. So we wanted to bring that kind of design to our desktop users,’ the Apple rep told me. So Apple designed the product (in conjunction with the wireless keyboard) to bring everything people like about the trackpads over to the desktop experience. Pinch-to-zoom, inertial scrolling, tap-to-click, it’s all there.”

Siegler writes, “Apple is slowly but surely moving towards a place where the majority of computer interaction is done through touch gestures. The desktop remains the last great stronghold for the keyboard + mouse combination. But now Apple is chipping away at that too. First they launched the multi-touch Magic Mouse. Now we get the Magic Trackpad… When I asked if this signaled the death of the mouse, Apple would only say that ‘we want to offer our users the choice.’ …That said, Apple did acknowledge that some users will likely ditch the mouse in favor of this new device.”

Siegler writes, “I know that personally, this Magic Trackpad is going to replace my mouse. Even though my desktop offers the comfort of two huge monitors, recently, I’ve found myself using my laptop more and more simply because I prefer the trackpad and its multi-touch gestures. Now that I can get that full experience on my desktop, I’m definitely making the jump.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Yes, we know the history of the computer mouse. Steve Jobs didn’t invent it, but ’twas the Apple Macintosh that brought the computer mouse to the world.

Thanks to Bill Cosby for inspiring our headline.


  1. After using the iPad I find myself touching my MacBook screen way too much and am dissappointed each time it doesn’t respond. I dont have the touch gestures on my old MacBook trackpad but can certainly understand how this could replace the mouse or at least complement it.

  2. I still think there is a great opportunity for an LCD touch screen trackpad. Kind of a second display for input. Not sure how it would be implemented but I suppose that’s why I don’t work at Apple.

  3. Apple put the touch pad in notebooks when PC laptops were using the funny track ball or nubby thingy. Now the track pad is evolving. I find myself using touch gesture too often on my PC laptop for work and going ‘Doh!’

  4. Part of what makes the track pad on the MacBook so wonderful is the placement. Its so conveniently accessible when your hands are in the home position. Just reach out with your thumb and scroll away.
    I’m questioning whether you can do this placement with the magic trackpad due to the tube at the top underside of the magic trackpad to accommodate the batteries. You can’t get that same seamless transition from keyboard to trackpad, because you’ll aways be jumping over the battery tube.
    Having the trackpad off to the side where you would keep a mouse isn’t a satisfactory solution. I bought a Wacom Bamboo with touch capabilities hoping to recreate the laptop trackpad experience to my desktop system, but having the Wacom tablet off to one side totally ruined the convenience of the trackpad experience.

  5. ok, great!
    Maybe off topic, but now I imagine using my iPod touch (future version maybe) as a remote control for TV, never ever needing to hit any particularly located buttons, but performing motion of the whole thing and swipe gestures with my thumb. Hence, I never need to look at it (the TV screen should react). Hence, the screen on that iPod touch is not needed at all. Hence, there could be a (rather cheap) TV remote control… with essentially the same functionality as the new trackpad, suited for holding in one hand like the iPod touch, with an added gyration sensor.
    whaddaya think?

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