Microsoft urges employees to write Windows Phone 7 apps in their spare time

“Android and iPhone have become the mobile app platforms of choice for many software developers, but Microsoft is hoping to leverage its tech-savvy employee base to help build its Windows Phone marketplace,” Todd Bishop reports for Tech Flash.

“The company got lots of attention yesterday when it took the unprecedented step of promising to hand out Windows Phone 7 devices to every employee,” Bishop reports. “But this is about more than boosting worker morale.”

MacDailyNews Take: Unprecedented for Microsoft maybe. As usual, Apple’s been there first, long ago: Steve Jobs gives Apple employees free 8GB iPhones – June 28, 2007

Bishop continues, “In the internal memo outlining the plan, Microsoft mobile chief Andy Lees encourages the employees not only to use the phones themselves but also to ‘evangelize’ them and develop apps for Windows Phone 7 ‘in your spare time’ through a newly launched employee developer program.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft remains as clueless as ever. Way too little, way too late. And a bunch of hobbyist employees aren’t going to do a damn bit of difference, but at least the Microsoft drones will have something to think about while they stare out the windows during their normal “work” hours.

Here’s a fact: The world needs another smartphone OS like it needs another stray dog. Microsoft continues to operate under the delusion that consumers love their brand and will therefore flock to buy their me-too junk at one of their four me-too retail stores. They don’t and they won’t. Microsoft is a bunch of derivative hacks producing half-assed knockoffs of mainly Apple gear. Regular people actually understand this now as it becomes clearer with each passing day. Masses of people aren’t going to run out to buy a phone because it says “Microsoft” or “Windows” on it. If anything, that’ll make sane people avoid the damn thing.

Microsoft just doesn’t get it. Their management is completely zuned in the head.


  1. “employees…develop apps for Windows Phone 7 ‘in your spare time’ through a newly launched employee developer program.”

    Translation: Make it passable as an Apple created device. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. If your time allows- check this out. It’s an anonymous blog where Microsoft employees “vent”- pay attention to the Danger employees and the way they were treated after they were acquired- it’s in the Kin section. There’s a lot of other “interesting” reading in there especially about WinPhone 7- crazy.

  3. @Al

    Since this is MS we’re talking about, wouldn’t it be the other way around, they would claim copyright on the bad apps and leave the good ones for the employees?

    thnks @Al and @Scott: I thought there was something along those lines

  4. The only reason they’re doing this is to more perfectly try to mirror the iPhone introduction. They haven’t got a clue what they’re doing, so they just try to recreate history by following in Apple’s footsteps to a mind-boggling level of mimicry (e.g. MS store design, etc.).

  5. “Microsoft just doesn’t get it. Their management is completely zuned in the head.”

    Now there’s a “wow” that starts now! Enter this one into the record books as THE best MDN take ever!

    How can any company with the amount of resources MS has at their disposal and with so much at stake, remain so effing clueless? It boggles the mind. They really DO think this is the 90’s!

  6. @ MDN is clueless–

    What exactly do you want MDN to iCal?

    That some random dude without an identity decided to play the analyst guessing game?

    The next time you’re going to say something so emphatically, have the balls to stand behind your words with a real identity.

  7. I have seen exactly what happens when the boss asks employees to use their talent to create valuable work in their “spare time.” The boss gets worthless crap and not much of it.

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