Microsoft blogger Mary Jo Foley: I bought my first Apple product and I am loving my new iPad

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“All About Microsoft” blogger Mary Jo Foley reports for ZDNet,” I bought an iPad. Big deal, you say… So did 3.3 million other people so far this year.”

“Well, for me it is a big deal,” Foley reports. “I’m a PC. I am not an early adopter or someone who rushes out to buy the latest/greatest gadget.”

MacDailyNews Take: Luddite soccer mom. Oops, sorry, she’s praising Apple for a change (funny, once she buys an Apple product and uses it, even she gets it, too).

Foley continues, “This is the first Apple product I’ve ever owned. I never saw the need for an iPod (I bought a Sony Walkman MP3 player, and later a Zune HD). I never lusted after an iPhone (especially because I use my phone to make phone calls). And I never wanted or needed an iMac or a MacBook, as I had so many PCs from which to choose.”

MacDailyNews Take: Listen any time is too early for this. We’re going to vomit if we read further. Read the full article if you want.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: People who claim to “choose” Microsoft products, but who’ve never used an Apple product, have absolutely no credibility. Until now, Foley’s lived a life denying herself the best because it had an Apple logo on it and/or because she’s cheap or at least unable to calculate simple things like Total Cost of Ownership. For years, she’s been just plain ignorant. She gets no praise from us for finally waking up and doing what she should have been doing before attempting to write anything that even remotely mentionied Apple for all of these years.

We purposely torture ourselves with the latest Windows OS, so that we can confidently describe it as the crap that it is. We’ve actually tried to use Microsoft Zunes and more than one Windows phone. Yawn and yuck, respectively. For years, Foley has maligning Apple products as “expensive” and much worse without ever even trying them. She’s been describing Apple product users as snobs and much worse, without ever trying the products so she could understand why discerning people would choose a MacBook Pro over whatever POS Dell that Costco has in the bargain bin today. She just doesn’t get it and it’s totally her own fault.

In the full article today, she admits, “If I had felt there was a compelling Windows slate that would ship this year, I’d have refrained happily from buying an iPad.” So, whatever she writes today is notable only for her finally using an Apple product, not for her opinion, pro or con, because it’s utterly uninformed and therefore biased and of no use to anyone.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “GetMeOnTop!” for the heads up.]


  1. Mary buys an iPad- blogs about it, still takes shots at Apple and then wants “her” Microsoft shit to be ported to the iPad. It’s like going on a vacation to an exotic place, staying in a first class hotel and then eating at MacDonalds.

    These PC people can’t just admit they go it wrong from the beginning. I myself WAS a PC, I fully switched when Jaguar came out- I admit I was wrong and I’m not going back.

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