Yankee Group: Apple iPhone owners shop more, buy more, remain more loyal vs. other device users

“Yankee Group research shows Apple iPhone owners shop more, buy more and remain more loyal to their phones than users of other devices,” Carl Howe reports for The Yankee Group. “Mobile operators must understand the six forces that drive this behavior or risk falling further behind operators that have adapted to the Apple platform.”

“The fourth iPhone launch since its birth in 2007 has come and gone, setting yet another set of mobile phone sales records,” Howe reports. “Stories about iPhone launches practically write themselves; reporters photograph the camped-out crowds, marvel at the cult-like loyalty of Apple users and then predict that they’ll soon be swayed by the next feature-filled touch-screen challenger from a more traditional handset maker and operator.”

“While much of the press raves about the cult of Apple users, few bother to dive into how the iPhone has changed mobile subscriber behavior, wants and needs,” Howe reports. “This report uses data from Yankee Group’s Anywhere Consumer: US Consumer Survey – Wave 1-3, 2010, to compare the behavior of iPhone users with that of owners of other smartphones and mobile phones in general.”

Based on this data, we find:

• iPhone users are an attractive market segment for mobile operators. On average, iPhone users are 32 years of age and have $100,000 of household income, compared with an average age of 34 and household income of $85,000 for other smartphone users.

• Consumers who own iPhones use them regularly. Two-thirds of iPhone owners use the mobile Web daily (see Exhibit 1). Plus, iPhone owners download more apps, are more interested in mobile transactions and conduct more mobile e-commerce than users of other.

MacDailyNews Note: The Yankee Group Anywhere Consumer: 2010 US Survey Suite is an online methodology of more than 3,700 consumers aged 13 and over in the U.S. that examines respondents’ Connectivity Choices and Digital Experience. It investigates the connectivity and devices consumers have, as well as their planned activities and decisions around five core connectivity services: wireless broadband, mobile phone, pay TV, telephony and broadband. Additionally, it looks at the consumption of media empowered by these services, including video, music and gaming, as well as respondents’ choices of channels and brands.

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MacDailyNews Take: Just like Mac owners. Just like iPod owners. The constant is Apple Inc.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. It’s a mistake to seek customers among those whose only allegiance is to the lowest price. Like the Acer customer who used to be the Dell customer, who used to be the Gateway customer. A CEO for a major retail chain called them “devil customers.” As usual, Apple achieves a higher ground.

  2. Hey, what’s wrong with being the DIY computer guy. Right now I’m building my own smartphone. No antenna problems for me.

    I have the tin cans, anybody got a couple thousand miles of string?

  3. @Al
    How low is your price?!!
    How much are you charging?!!
    How much?!!!!
    Am I locked in?
    What’s the cancellation fee?
    Do you have an APP store?!
    What about upgrades?! Like, better string?! Custom tin can skins?!
    Bumpers – what colours?!!
    Family plan?!!

    MDN Word: “late”, as in, “I sure hope I’m not too late to get in on AI’s phone deal!”

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