FCC approves Apple’s ‘Magic Trackpad’; could be released as early as this week

Apple Store“The FCC has approved Apple’s Magic Trackpad, which means the device could be announced as early as this week,” Leander Kahney reports for Cult of Mac.

“A device known by the model number A1339 and described as a ‘Bluetooth Device’ has just shown up in the FCC’s database,” Kahney reports. “Given how quickly Apple has in the past announced devices that have just approved by the FCC, the Magic Trackpad could be officially launched within days.”

Kahney reports, “The device would act as a big touch-sensitive trackpad for desktop computers, such as an iMac. It looks as though the device supports handwriting recognition, as well as the swipes and gestures found on the Magic Mouse and MacBook Pro trackpads.”

Full article, with photos of the device, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. Finally! Looks like Mr. Jobs is reading my e-mail to him. I suggested this product months ago, because I would like to have a trackpad for my Mac Pro (MacPro1,1). Thanks Apple!

    Maybe we’ll see the illuminated keyboards like I’ve suggested, like the MacBook Pro has.

  2. I’m sure it only took a few months for Steve to read your email, set his design team, design the product, create prototypes and get it approved by the FCC.

    Yes, it was your email that set this in motion!

    Aside from all of that, this is a welcome addition to bring multi-touch to the Apple desktops without inducing Gorilla Arms.

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