Top 5 Apple iPhone 4 press conference predictions

“Millions of iPhone 4 customers (and tech pundits) are playing the guessing game running up to [Apple’s press conference, scheduled for 10am PDT/1pm EDT today]. What does Apple have to say about the antenna issue and what will it do – if anything?” Daniel Ionescu wonders for PCWorld.

“First off, a quick recap: evidence to date is not helping Apple,” Ionescu writes. “From users, to tech media, and the independent Consumer Reports said that something is wrong. Some iPhone 4 owners have complained of being stuck in iPhone 4 hell saddled with multiple iPhone 4 problems. Steve Jobs is now being directly implicated in iPhone 4 antenna-gate and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-New York) has penned a letter asking Jobs to personally solve the problem. Schumer is calling Apple’s current software fix ‘insufficient.'”

Ionescu asks, “So what could Apple do to solve the problem? Here are some educated guesses tech pundits have put forward ahead of tomorrow’s event.”

Top 5 Apple iPhone 4 press conference predictions:

• The iPhone is selling very well
• Acknowledge the problem, explain iOS 4.0.1 changes
• Free Bumper Cases won’t make the cut
• No recall
• Non-conductive coating over antenna for new iPhone 4’s, free exchange for affected iPhone 4 customers

Boom! One More Thing: ‘Sounds crazy, I know, but I think something big, or at least biggish, is going down tomorrow,’ writes Darin Fireball’s John Gruber. He has a hunch that Apple will come up with something special in addition to a resolution to the iPhone 4 antenna problem,” Ionescu reports.

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  1. Has nothing to do with the iPhone. I predict Apple will announce new the new Mac Pro! And it will start at $1499 and include Blu-Ray!

    A man can dream, can’t he?

  2. Could Apple have created the whole antenna issue (only to be resolved by the 4.1 update) to create a media whirl wind so as to have a world wide platform to announce the launch of yet another new product?

    If so, Marketing Genius!

  3. Daniel Ionescu like every other tech puindit is the usual blithering moron, if some iPhone 4 user was in “hell”, just return the phone and get something they’ll really hate, like an Android phone or a BlackBerrry.

  4. Prediction: Steve Jobs says that Michael Dell was right, that Apple is doomed. Starting monday, the company is closing shop and will give the money back to the shareholders.

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