Apple to give users free iPhone 4 bumpers, full refund if requested

“Apple Inc. will give iPhone 4 users a free phone case to address growing complaints about reception problems that have hurt the company’s shares and image,” Gabriel Madway and Poornima Gupta report for Reuters.

“Chief Executive Steve Jobs announced the news at a rare media conference on Friday, when he admitted that Apple and the phone were ‘not perfect,'” Madway and Gupta report. “But he defiantly asserted that smartphone reception issues were a problem shared by the entire wireless industry, including devices by Apple competitors such as Research in Motion and HTC Corp.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Defiantly?” Bias much, Reuters? Why not “truthfully?” It’d be more accurate and far less biased.

Madway and Gupta report, “‘This has been blown so out of proportion, it’s incredible,'” Jobs told an auditorium at Apple’s Silicon Valley headquarters. Jobs said that if iPhone 4 users were still not satisfied, Apple will offer a full refund within a month.”

Full article here.


  1. @breeze-I am still using my trusty 3GS as well as my new Droid X. I enjoy the diversity of having both . I am really an open minded person and believe both platforms have much to offer. All I can say is they are both great phones and a blast to use. Have a great weekend folks.

  2. Hey, Boeing, why didn’t you just exchange your defective iPhone 4 unit for one that ISN’T defective?

    Why did you buy a Droid X instead?

    I’m guessing it has something to do with your anecdote being made-up, and you being a poorly disguised Motorola astroturfer.

  3. @breeze & the person who used @Boeing1.

    First off. It seems several folks in this room have a hostile personality. I could understand if I had taken a shot at one of you but I have not. Yes I do have 2 accounts with 2 different carriers. I fly for a living and am often times in other countries so I always use my 3GS due to AT&T’s service in other countries. The Droid X I share with my youngest daughter and it is used locally. I did not want to try another iPhone just yet because of the current issues at hand. I will however be in line for the iPhone 5 when the time comes. I have not made up anything like I was accused of doing
    . What the hell good would that do for me? Why do you care what I do as long as it works for me? Apple just wasn’t in the cards this time but will most likely be my next smart phone as I am very fond of Apple products.
    Does anyone remember the Golden Rule by chance. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

    I am done with these comment rooms due to childish accusations and name calling. To each is own be Apple or Droid. It’s just a phone for Gods sake, nothing worth the hostility I see going on in here.

  4. They saved their butts with the cases, and it’s ok for the early buyers to actually get a free one, but I HATE the fact that he didn’t take the blame or accepted a design flaw. If it is noot a big issue then why would you bother to do this? Give me a break Mr. Jobs.

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