Apple to give users free iPhone 4 bumpers, full refund if requested

“Apple Inc. will give iPhone 4 users a free phone case to address growing complaints about reception problems that have hurt the company’s shares and image,” Gabriel Madway and Poornima Gupta report for Reuters.

“Chief Executive Steve Jobs announced the news at a rare media conference on Friday, when he admitted that Apple and the phone were ‘not perfect,'” Madway and Gupta report. “But he defiantly asserted that smartphone reception issues were a problem shared by the entire wireless industry, including devices by Apple competitors such as Research in Motion and HTC Corp.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Defiantly?” Bias much, Reuters? Why not “truthfully?” It’d be more accurate and far less biased.

Madway and Gupta report, “‘This has been blown so out of proportion, it’s incredible,'” Jobs told an auditorium at Apple’s Silicon Valley headquarters. Jobs said that if iPhone 4 users were still not satisfied, Apple will offer a full refund within a month.”

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  1. @ G4Dualie

    Insulted? You’re an Apple fanboy. That’s tantamount to being an idiot.When you can’t win an argument, you insult. And you can’t even do that right. Ha! Moron.

    Apple sells you funny aluminum foil hardware (like the iMac) at 120% over true value and you buy it because …. you’re moron fanboys. Even Apple shareholders laugh at you moron zombies.

    Enough with you idiots. When you could hold a conversation I’ll be back.

  2. I am a hardcore Apple fan and
    I am sad to say I had to return my iPhone 4 today due to it’s dropping calls and I could not make my Jawbone Bluetooth work with it, which I use when driving so I can keep both hands on the wheel. It nearly broke my heart to return it. I purchased the new Droid X and though it is not as cool looking as the iPhone I was shocked at how fast it is! This thing is a rocket ship! I do still have my faithful iPhone 3GS however and I love it. I am for sure going to wait and see what the next generation of iPhone has to offer when the time comes as I do love them. I guess I was just one of the unlucky ones that had calls drop all the time where my 3GS did not and the Bluetooth issues with my Headset that the 3GS worked flawlessly with. Kudos to Apple for setting up the return policy with no out of pocket expense for us customers. I am looking forward to a iPhone 5 purchase next year. Thanks for addressing the issue Apple.

  3. @G4Dualie: “There is no doubt in my military mind that Apple will find a way to do away with the terrestrial antenna altogether, and maybe this issue will be the catalyst that takes Apple in that direction. “

    Good perspective from a radio guy, thanks. Slightly OT, the iPhone is a complex device with what, four radios in it? (Wifi, bluetooth, GSM, Edge i think.) I take full advantage of all these systems and see traditional cellular as just just one available tool. The next few years should be interesting.

  4. Lol, I’m having too much fun with this thread. Looking at photos of Apple’s $100M antenna test lab, I’m trying to imagine that they somehow forgot to take the iPhone 4 for a spin in there:

    I’m confident that Apple got some good data on their design. Furthermore, they had to win FCC approval, so any truly significant problems would have kept this device off the market.

  5. Boeing 1:

    “I guess I was just one of the unlucky ones that had calls drop all the time where my 3GS did not and the Bluetooth issues with my Headset that the 3GS worked flawlessly”

    What’s stopping you from continuing to use your 3GS now that you are so unlucky?

  6. drz- what the hell does Al Gore have to do with any of this? Take your politics and your hatred somewhere else.

    I am among those who is now totally disgusted with Consumer reports- it is bewildering to me what is going on.

    Like I’ve been saying, there are some who wouldn’t be satidfied no matter what was said or done- I didn’t think that would apply to CR, whose reputation and credibility are also on the line. This is not my father’s CR, which was deservedly respected. They’ve been going downhill for a while- but this is the lowest of lows. Because they are so obviously wrong!

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