Apple to give users free iPhone 4 bumpers, full refund if requested

“Apple Inc. will give iPhone 4 users a free phone case to address growing complaints about reception problems that have hurt the company’s shares and image,” Gabriel Madway and Poornima Gupta report for Reuters.

“Chief Executive Steve Jobs announced the news at a rare media conference on Friday, when he admitted that Apple and the phone were ‘not perfect,'” Madway and Gupta report. “But he defiantly asserted that smartphone reception issues were a problem shared by the entire wireless industry, including devices by Apple competitors such as Research in Motion and HTC Corp.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Defiantly?” Bias much, Reuters? Why not “truthfully?” It’d be more accurate and far less biased.

Madway and Gupta report, “‘This has been blown so out of proportion, it’s incredible,'” Jobs told an auditorium at Apple’s Silicon Valley headquarters. Jobs said that if iPhone 4 users were still not satisfied, Apple will offer a full refund within a month.”

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  1. @Innhitman : From the live feeds, sounds like they are setting up the process, and it will be ready sometime next week.

    I’m waiting for the lawsuit for the phone makers with the smug ads, about being able to hold their phones in any manner without any antenna attenuation.

  2. Lets see 3,000,000 iphones sold 51,000 returned equals 2,949,000 happy users. Yep sounds like its defective to me.

    Then again you must factor in that not all those returns were for signal issues and that a percentage just got a replacement phone and were happy.

  3. Anyone else notice that Jobs was careful to say “free case” rather than “free bumpers”? He also re-iterated that they “couldn’t make bumpers fast enough”.

    I may be a victim of the particular feed I was getting of the event. Can anyone confirm that Apple is actually giving away bumpers rather than some (unseen as yet) case?

  4. Free bumper for those who want it. OK. Still the best phone on the market even without it. Now more people will buy it… best phone… free bumper case… software update soon. Got to love it.
    Isn’t it ironic though that Consumers report won’t recommend the phone until it’s software update is complete, but it still rates the iPhone 4 the best in class? Hate to be the ‘perfect’ HTC variety and still can’t beat a ‘problematic’ iPhone in a head to head.

  5. Full disclosure
    Free bumpers
    Full refunds
    All is right with the world.

    I for one am putting my rose colored glasses back on. Camping out for iP5 starting Monday.

    P.S. Anyone catch what’s going on with that oil thing?

  6. The iPhone return rate is irrelevant. I wouldn’t and didn’t return my phone because of the issue. 1. I switched from another carrier and have completely settled into a new contract and phone. 2. It’s not that big of an issue, just an obvious one that should be fixed, and shoulnt be an issue to the masses. It’s too much of a hassle to go through to return a phone just because holding it in ur left hand a particular way causes interference.

    Like I said, the issue is that it’s so obvious and easy to replicate. But not return worthy of the best phone there is.

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