What Apple CEO Steve Jobs really thinks of Microsoft founder Bill Gates

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, two titans of tech, have been friends, competitors, and colleagues. They’ve even gone on double-dates,” Catharine Smith reports for The Huffington Post.

“So what does Steve Jobs have to say about Microsoft’s founder? We went looking, and have compiled a list of Steve Jobs’ best quotes about Bill Gates,” Smith reports. “The claws come out as Jobs challenges Gates’s creativity and criticizes aspects of Microsoft’s business. But the Apple CEO also softens up, likens their relationship to matrimony, and speaks fondly of the legacy Gates will leave”

Smith reports, “There’s even a cute video from a 1983 Apple event when Gates ‘woos’ Jobs during a company-sponsored dating game.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The damage Bill Gates did to world productivity by greedily inflicting The Dark Age of Personal Computing upon the planet is incalculable and criminal.


  1. @ Nerd Beau…

    Monopolies and monopolistic practices are in fact the opposite of a libertarian ideas.

    I will also mention that no one is immune from making mistakes when the theory begins to be applied in reality. No one is perfect.

  2. @Nerd Beautiful: Anything that gets big enough will try locking others out of their turf to preserve their positions and/or income with a minimum of effort. Why innovate when you have no competition? Especially noticeable in business (see: Internet Exploder, recording and movie industries), but also happens in politics (ruling party becomes complacent), criminal organizations… basically any human community.

  3. @Nerd I am with you! As always MDN is full of %#*%!! They can’t handle the fact Microsoft ran a better business. Let’s also talk about Monopolies which Apple has in music and music players!

  4. Bill Gates founded a company that, despite its flaws, became highly successful in terms of generating profits. As the company grew, B.G. importance gradually waned as the company became more massive. The fact that the company did not and does not have leadership with the inspiration or vision of Jobs does not necessarily make it something to be reviled, although its documented monopolistic abuses speak of bloated and misguided egos desperate to “stay on top” despite the cost.

    I despise Microsoft products – particularly the Office Suite and Exchange server/client products. Those are the bane of every Mac user in most corporate and government organizations. But B.G. is, at least, pursuing the course of a philanthropist in his retirement years, and I will give him the benefit of the doubt for that positive move. Balmer, on the other hand, is a fairly worthless parasite that even Microsoft doesn’t deserve. It is truly hard for me to believe that the shareholders continue to put up with his incompetence. He has such a good strategy…and he likes it a lot.

  5. Yes, macs have greater productivity for most sectors, but who knows how long it would have taken apple to turn the pc into an affordable mass market device. Even a few years delay entails a huge hit on productivity, because even a windows computer beats no computer at all

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