Apple: CEO Jobs email a fake; did not tell customer ‘calm down,’ ‘retire,’ ‘it’s just a phone’

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“An e-mail exchange being attributed to Steve Jobs is a fake, and was not written by him, according to Apple public relations,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

MacDailyNews Take: We were waiting for this to happen. It was only a matter of time. Email is not even close to being the best way for Steve Jobs to communicate with customers.

Elmer-DeWitt reports, “The conversation was published Thursday by The Boy Genius Report and linked to by more than three dozen other sites.”

“Asked on the record whether Steve Jobs was the author of any of these statements, a top Apple spokesman emphatically denied it,” Elmer-DeWitt reports. “Separately, AppleInsider is reporting that a similar exchange was shopped to them two days earlier by a Virginia man who offered to sell it to them for an unspecified amount of money.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, as we’ve already done in the original article, even though we questioned whether the email was really from Steve Jobs and based our Take on the assumption that it was, we publicly apologize to Apple CEO Steve Jobs while imploring him to please stop using email to communicate with customers and instead use an official Apple blog so everyone can trust that we are actually reading his words.


  1. I thought Boy Genius admitted it made a mistake and this quote came from “Tom” an Apple representative, because with the emails cycling around in this exchange, who said what became confused.

  2. iPhone 4 launched World wide in 8 countries and immediately sold out – Same phone.

    ZERO WHINING…No complaints.

    Most US users and the whole world understand the nature of the beast and have no problem once they use the phone despite a low signal indication which does not render the phone useless.

    Anyone ever question ATT’s great network being a cause of weak signal and dropped calls and NOT iPhone4s antenna?

    For 3 years everyone, especially MDN has complained about dropped calls and now that ATT has taken on a lot of extra iPad and new iPhone 4 traffic, does it not seem plausible that their equipment is under extra loads?

  3. Funny how Apple, time after time, holds itself to higher standards than the scum that make up the user base of the competition, yet MDN couldn’t give SJ the benefit of the doubt.

    Even your apology sucks and is half-assed. “Even though we questioned?”

    Yeah right! You need to have a story with the HEADLINE, “Steve, we were wrong to jump to conclusions. We apologize!”

    Not hide your so-called apology in a conditional MDN Take that essentially ends up saying, “It’s not our fault!”

    MDN Magic Word: faith, or what MDN lacked when giving into the slimy attacks by Fandroids.

  4. MDN:

    Steve Jack editorials and the less frequent, but hilarious, witty, cutting MDN takes are priceless. They are in my opinion, the bar you set for all your longtime readers.

    Fanning the political flames attracts a loud obnoxious and unneeded element (that we see all to much, everywhere these days) that’s chasing away people who dig you and add lots of value to your franchise. It’s hurting your prestige and detracting from the essence of your principals and mission, as I take it to be after reading Jacks pieces.

    You set the bar – Stick with it.

  5. I’m not understanding the venom towards MDN.

    Boy Genius fscked up. How the hell was MDN supposed to “research” that? What Boy Genius published looked like every other “Steve Jobs email” ever published.

    MDN’s article clearly was quoting and linked to Boy Genius and the other publication that covered the Boy Genius story.

    MDN reacted as if the email was truly from Jobs and they had no reason to think otherwise.

    Furthermore, MDN’s Take was strongly on behalf of Apple customers over Apple Inc. and for that, I would think, MDN should be commended, not spat upon.

    If I’m missing something here, please enlighten me.

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