Verizon stock spikes briefly on report of Apple iPhone deal

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Verizon stock briefly spiked Tuesday on reports that it will offer an Apple iPhone in January of next year,” reports.

“On a day when stocks were lower almost across the board, Verizon popped briefly, before closing down slightly at $28.62,” reports. “Apple stock closed down more than 4 percent.” reports, “The report said the device would be available to customers in January of 2011, according to people familiar with the plan. They declined to be named because the information isn’t public.”

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  1. If Bloomberg keeps floating these stinkers, people are going to start looking elsewhere for their financial news.

    If the story hinges on “people familiar with the matter” that don’t want to be cited, you should probably bag the article.

  2. So if a Verizon iPhone 4 appears in Jan 2011 does that mean it will soon be replaced by a June iPhone 5? Or, will it be a Versizon iPhone 5 in January and at&t;will wait until June for it? Or, will there be an iPhone 4.5 in January. Or,…

  3. This is Verizon f*(&ing;with Apple’s iPhone 4 launch. Think about it, people lining up for the new iPhone which has just been released, Steve Jobs apologizing for people’s delays in getting and activating the handset – huge success. Verizon who is almost certainly still “negotiating” with Apple on the deal doesn’t want too many people to jump their ship to the new iPhone. So they float a story about it coming in 6 months to Verizon and people who would rather stay with Verizon figure they can just hold out another 6 months.

    They can slightly diminish potential iPhone 4 sales which they figure will give them more negotiating power. Stupid f*&^kers. I hope they never get the iPhone -or if they do, I hope Steve screws their ass royal on the deal.

  4. I thought Verizon 4G is slated to come out in January, isn’t it? If so, this speculation carries a little weight.

    Besides, if the iPhone went the Verizon route, Apple would make lots-n-lots of money. Isn’t that the bottom line?

  5. … of this rumor?

    Isn’t that ALWAYS the point of this particular rumor?

    Because it makes no more sense today (Apple designing a new phone for a deprecated technology- CDMA – which won’t work the same as their AT&T;phones so will require separate advertising, support etc) than it did a year ago. Apple doesn’t need a few million more Verizon purchasers when they have the rest of the planet buying them.

    When, and only when, Verizon’s network is compatible with AT&T;’s (ie, same technology), then Apple will sell to Verizon. That should be sometime in the next 12-18 months, theoretically.

    I think any of these “analysts” who persist in perpetuating this rumor, have a dog in this hunt somewhere.

  6. This rumor is so old and it is recirculated about every two weeks. Each and every time it proves to be untrue. Why are we supposed to think this time is any different? And it’s always someone that is supposed to know something. And since no one has the nads to give their name, we can’t call them a liar later.

    It is totally unlike Apple to release an iPod of any kind in January.

    If it is CDMA then no browsing while on a call. If it is LTE or 4G then limited cities and limited coverage to start.

    Exclusive deal still has 2 years left.

    It would be unlike Apple to release two different designs (and I’m not talking CDMA vs. GSM – I’m talking about having an iPhone 4 for one carrier and an iPhone 4.5 or 5 for another). Therefore, if this did happen to be true, the iPhone 4 will be several months old and rumors of the iPhone 5 will be circulating. Verizon users won’t know if they should buy the very first Verizon version or see if the revision comes out a few months later.

    I don’t see this happening any time prior to the iPhone 5 and possibly until the iPhone 6. I would love for it to be true but just don’t see it.

    What ever happened to the nano Phone rumor? Let’s start that one up again.

  7. This dribble is regurgitated everytime ther is news on the iphone’s success. Today lines were forming at AT&T;stores. Three days ago, with a swagger, VZ ammounced they had no need to offer the iPhone. Bet you churn has been so bad this past week. I am beginning to believ what another poster said that MDN’s hatred for AT&T;was the reason that MDN gives credibility to this dribble. MDN knows that CDMA cannot handle voice and data at the same time, defeating the whole purpose of a smartphone.

    It is sad to see MDN allowing itself to be used as a pawn by the shysters and payola crew of WS.

    In the end, this dribble is meant to hurt the iPhone. The mantra now is you have waited a long time another sixonths is no too much to ask. After the iPhone mania is over, it will be all about how the droid is a better phone. It is all about preventing churn at Verizon.

  8. bobo,
    AT&T;has ALWAYS let people upgrade 6 moths early, it was not a special deal. As a mater of fact my friends who use their phones quite a bit get invited to upgrade a year early. (ie remainder of contract forgiven)
    I usually don’t go much above the $69 baseline but was invited to upgrade in december (8 months before my contracts end) I opted to wait for the “new phone” I knew was coming in the spring (didn’t know it would be this awesome though ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> )

  9. I wonder if the iPhone will be stripped of programs since Verizon is known to remove programs and abilities from phones on their network. They also don’t allow installation of applications unless from their store.

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