iPhone 4 finally goes on sale at AT&T stores in U.S.; Lines form – again

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“AT&T retail stores were unable to offer walk-in sales of the iPhone 4 until today (June 29th),” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors.

“Starting at 7am, customers should (theoretically) be able to walk into local retail AT&T stores to purchase the iPhone 4,” Kim reports. “Lines, however, have already started forming at AT&T stores across the country.”

“20 people have been reported at one AT&T store in Las Vegas, and a quick twitter search shows more people waiting across the country,” Kim reports.

Kim reports, “If you aren’t willing to wait in line (again), AT&T has also updated their website and is now offering online ordering.”

Full article, with photos, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good luck to everyone in the second wave!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. I now I am a fanboy.

    But I can’t understand why someone would want to buy an iPhone from anywhere other then an Apple store.

    I know there aren’t Apple stores everywhere. But visiting the mothership on a regular bases is part of the experience for me.

  2. I come from the school that all cellphone providers have horrible customer service… but after my visit to the ATT store today — I am ready to switch to Verizon in 2-years.

    But good news – my rural area gets 3G end of this year — or so that lie goes.

    As to a line… I arrived at 7:05 AM. I met 2 people who came at 3 AM, and another 3 families or couples that came between 5 and 7 AM. When I left, two people were behind me. Small town… < 20k population.

  3. I would bet they could sell another million today if the AT&T;stores had enough stock and the network could process the orders. Well, perhaps that idea was the proverbial lead balloon… sigh.

  4. Can anyone tell me if I get this

    450 minutes
    250mb data
    200 text

    How much AT&T;adds on in bulls**t fees and taxes after.

    In other words, what’s the real monthly fee?

  5. Got in line in remond, wa at 230!! I’m 3rd in line but 2nd phone buyer. They started going down the line at 530 asking if u wanted a 16 or 32…. I’d say there are about 50+ in line now at 630. The first 5 got shirts and candy and apple pens lol. The excitement is palpable! 15 mins to go til I exchange my 3GS for an iPhone 4! I have tiny hands, I don’t even grip the sides! Plus I will certainly be getting a case but not sure what AT&T;has in stock. Be patient and have fun everyone!!!!! Just say no to haters ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Good luck all you lucky people waiting in line 4 your new phones, I will have to wait for mine but with all it’s so called faults I can say that I would sooner by an iPhone knowing it’s a fantastic phone and it won’t fall to bits in 6 months like so many other phones I know of !

  7. Most “taxes and fees” are government-mandated taxes and fees. Taxes and fees are generally imposed on utility bills by the US, and cities, counties and states, usually because these entities don’t have the guts to be upfront about those taxes with its taxpayers or residents. Instead, they required the utilities to hide them in the total utility bill.

    Utilities have had to sue to have these fees listed separately, because the taxing authorities didn’t want these “hidden” local of federal taxes to be revealed. I’m not sure all jurisdictions have been in law suites over this, if not, these taxes may still be hidden. In any event, these taxes are no different than sales taxes; what you pay will be different in every taxing district. Whatever one might think of any cell company, they are NOT behind these taxes.

  8. For all of you who say ‘I’m going to wait for them to work out the bugs’………you’re not a genius, you’re not a true apple supporter and you’ve NEVER said I told you so.

    Apple is one if not the only company that is safe to purchase new products…..should I add.’site unseen’ people…get a clue.

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