RIM SEC filing shows BlackBerry losing sales in most markets

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“RIM is watching its BlackBerry sales slip in every country except the US, the company acknowledged in an SEC filing published Friday,” Electronista reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Verizon’s “Buy One BlackBerry, Get One Free” has been artificially padding RIM’s U.S. numbers for multiple quarters.

Electronista reports, “Despite selling a record 11.2 million BlackBerries in its last quarter, its sales revenue outside of the US fell 1.4 percent overall. Its performance in the US was mostly propped up by the launch of the Bold 9650 and Buy One Get One deals like those at Verizon that guaranteed two units sold for the price of one.”

Electronista reports, “Some of the steepest declines were in countries that are normally safe. UK revenue dropped 3.7 percent in the spring; even in RIM’s home country of Canada, revenue was down 3.3 percent.”

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  1. because they shipped the most devices, added the most new subscribers, had the highest revenue, and had the highest profit in the company’s history. And their expectations for next quarter were even higher. All of this in a quarter where they shipped two minor upgrades late and nothing else new. strange that revenue is “down in most markets” yet they had record sales.

  2. “strange that revenue is “down in most markets” yet they had record sales.”

    Not strange if you sell each unit at a loss. “Sales” often refers to units, whereas revenue is…um, money.

  3. @ weird
    Looks like another Dell. Huge sales, not much profit. That’s the trouble, without profit you are out of business. Are they studying Michael Dell at McGill business school?

  4. While we’re on the subject of Blackberry, did you notice that at market close today that Apple is now worth 32 BILLION more than Microsoft?

    Oh…. wrong subject. Oh well.

  5. There is only one thing to do to fix this. It is time for the “Buy 1 get 3 (or 5) Free!”

    It is all about the market share then they close the doors for good!

    Mike Dell, how are those netbooks selling? The iPads have a 7 to 10 day backlog. Time to do a buy a Dell get second Dell free! That will keep your numbers up too!

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