Analyst on Apple’s iPhone 4 launch: No single smartphone model has been this successful

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Apple Inc. had sold 1.7 million units of the iPhone 4 worldwide by Saturday, June 26, its most successful product launch yet, the company said on Monday,” Sinead Carew reports for Reuters.

“Shares of AT&T Inc., the exclusive U.S. provider for the iPhone, rose as much as 1.5 percent after the news as analysts said it meant more customers than expected committed to use the No. 2 U.S. mobile provider’s service for another two years,” Carew reports. “This is seen as more crucial than ever because AT&T is widely predicted to give up its exclusive rights to the phone in the next year, when Apple is expected to add Verizon Wireless, the biggest U.S. mobile operator, as a service provider.”

Carew reports, “Hudson Square Research analyst Daniel Ernst said [that] his rough estimate was for sales well north of 1 million. “This is closer to 2 million so it’s above our expectations,’ he said. ‘No single smartphone model has been this successful.'”

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  1. Ok, 1.7 million phones and supply runs out. Now, can we expect another round of hardware copies from the likes of Nokia, HTC, RIM, Google, and beleaguered Microsoft?

    Because we all know they are innovators of derivation.

  2. NCG598

    I think Microsoft learnt from the past mistakes.

    windows phone 7 looks different from iOS, so I would expect them to at least have some creativity.

    Google on the other hand is simply ripping off the iOS page by page.

  3. yeah but it’s only AT&T;……….YUP it is…. and from the sales I don’t think many people give a rats @$$!

    Up yours verizon, let’s see how long the lines are for the Droid X on Wednesday.

  4. those numbers are ridiculous apple only had 1.7 to sell if they had 2.7 or 3 they still would have sold out….steve jobs you bastard give me my iphone 4 dammit

  5. Apple has been “widely expected” to add Verizon for how many years now? Funny how those “wide expectations” never seem to dissipate no matter how many years go by without it coming true.

    Seriously, is there any real evidence of the iPhone going to Verizon, other than analyst after analyst repeating the prediction as if it was some kind of foregone conclusion? When evidence surfaced of a CDMA iPhone perhaps being manufactured, that looked it might be evidence, until it was pointed out that the phones could just as easily be destined for China.

    Apple has made no friendly sounds toward Verizon. Verizon does not behave like a company courting Apple, running ads for its Droid phones that dis the iPhone. But analysts continue the drone of “Yep, yep, iPhone’s goin’ to Verizon, just a matter of time, I mean, everyone knows it, yep, yep…”


  6. “”Hudson Square Research analyst Daniel Ernst said [that] his rough estimate was for sales well north of 1 million. “This is closer to 2 million so it’s above our expectations,’ he said”

    This is why analysts like Daniel are paid so much. Almost 2 million is more than 1 million. He’s a genius.

    Now, please someone ask him how he could have been off on his original estimate by 70% and still have a job. If I was off my sales projections by that much, I would be out of business.

  7. I think anyone who is willing to buy a CDMA phone has no idea what they are buying. And what guarantee is there that Verizon can keep up with the iPhone 4 digital traffic load? I would not trust them to do so.

  8. Big deal, Google says it is activating more than 160,000 a day. That is over 58 million a year, or more than a million one hundred thousand a week. And that is without advertising. And I bet this week Eric will say they are activating more than 200,000 a day–so there Apple fanboys. I have heard that the lines at Verizon stores dwarf the puny lines Apple has. So just stop this gloating and bloodbath talk. You know that this means in less than two years every adult american male will have an Android phone. Compare that fanboys. BTW I love my new iPhone 4. I guess the last of its breed.

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