Associated Press reviews Apple iPhone 4: ‘Makes competing devices look old and boring’

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Apple CEO Steve Jobs has once again pulled a new iPhone model out of his proverbial magician’s hat, leading hordes of gadget-happy consumers to wait in line for hours to snag one,” Rachel Metz reports for The Associated Press. “It may seem like a lot of hullabaloo for a smart phone upgrade that is practically routine in the phone’s fourth iteration.”

“This time is different, though. Apple’s iPhone 4, which went on sale Thursday, isn’t simply an upgrade over the previous 3GS model,” Metz reports. “It has been significantly redesigned as a skinnier, classier and more covetous smart phone with a slew of new features. And while owners of the older model can get the new iOS4 software for free without emptying their wallets, a new iPhone 4 will also give you a higher-resolution screen, speedier processor and a second, front-facing camera for video calls.”

Metz reports, “If you want to make phone calls or do anything on the iPhone that involves the Internet you’ll need a good AT&T reception. Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding this at my home and office in San Francisco, one of the cities where AT&T has admitted it has run into network congestion problems. The reception for calls was good at work, but even though the iPhone seemed sure it had access to AT&T’s high-speed data network, I needed to use Wi-Fi for Facebook and other apps that connected to the Internet. At home, I could barely make phone calls and had no reception on the 3G data network, though after wandering around my neighborhood I eventually found a good signal for both.”

MacDailyNews Take: You know what we’re thinking. Its name need not be typed.

Metz continues, “I did notice a few times that holding my hand over the small black lines on the sides of the iPhone would lower its call signal strength a bit. But despite complaints to the contrary on Apple’s customer support website, this didn’t seem to affect call quality.”

“Despite the network issues, the iPhone 4 is a superb smart phone that makes most competing devices look old and boring,” Metz reports. “Whether you’ve been longing for an iPhone but haven’t taken the plunge, or you already own an older model, you may not be able to resist the pull of Apple’s latest — and greatest — iPhone hat trick.”

Read the full review, which is definitely intended for mainstream consumption, here.


  1. “Read the full review, which is definitely intended for mainstream consumption”
    What is your point? Haven’t read it yet but will. Are you implying that elitists and bloggers will find the review deficient and beneath them? Is it only meant for lesser folks, like me?
    Please clarify.

  2. From the article:

    ” I queued up an episode of “Glee” on both models and was impressed to see sharper images and more radiant colors on the new phone.”

    Yep… written for mainstream consumption.

  3. I squeezed the lower left side of my phone, waited for the bars to drop to zero, and made a call. I couldn’t tell the difference. It worked fine.

    “iPhone 4 Is Defective” generates lots of clicks, I guess.

    Server Speed Very Slow (7.532 Seconds), 93% of sites are faster.

    Talk about calling the kettle black. Getting one website up to snuff should be a hell of a lot easier than a cell network as the exclusive carrier of the most popular web browsing cell phone and iPad. Just a thought ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  5. “Despite the network issues”… please don’t assume that we all have network issues! You’re being ‘Arizonian’ in that people say the AZ immigration law will have a higher incident rate that will effect every person with brown skin. You are just assuming that since it is the USA iPhone that is exclusively tied to AT&T;, that no matter where you go there will be a higher incident rate of abysmal network coverage, lack of bars, dropped calls and poor 3G that will effect every person with an iPhone!

    Simply not the case! So stop being ‘Arizonian’! The world does not revolve around San Francisco and New York, no matter how much New Yorkers and San Franciscans think it does! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”mad” style=”border:0;” />

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