TheStreet’s Moritz: ‘5 big blemishes for the Apple iPhone 4’

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Apple’s redesigned iPhone is destined to be a knockout success. The phone scores high on style points with its sleek glass and stainless steel design, and it wins points for its multitasking software and improved screen,” Scott Mortiz butters up his hapless pigeons before swinging his very dull hatchet.

“There are, however, a few shortcomings,” Mortiz “reports.”

MacDailyNews Take: Say it ain’t so, Scott.

Moritz continues, “Here are five bruises on the new Apple iPhone that may engender complaint.”

No. 5: A Skimpy Camera: As smartphone challengers like HTC, Motorola and Nokia embrace the megapixel race with 8-megapixel and 12-megapixel cameras, Apple’s new iPhone keeps it cheap with a 5-megapixel model.

MacDailyNews Take: So sayeth a dope who has no idea what he’s talking about. More megapixels do not mean better images. Moritz is probably one of those idiots who thought his Pentium was faster than our G5 because he had a bigger number in front of “MHz” on one of the many ugly stickers stuck to his ugly Windows PC. He was as wrong then as he is today. It’s not just the resolution of the sensor that determines the final image quality. It’s the device’s color management, optics, image-processing tech, the lens, etc.; it all contributes to the image quality. iPhone 4’s images will be measured against these devices with their “bigger numbers for ignoramuses” and iPhone’s images will be found to have higher quality. As usual. Watch and see.

No. 4: No Swype

MacDailyNews Take: Interestingly, just today, John Brownlee reports for that, “Swype is now working on an iPhone version and courting Apple, trying to get Swype support into a future version of iOS. Apple certainly marches to the beat of its own drum, and I suspect Swype will have a battle on their hands getting into iOS, but frankly, I don’t see why Apple shouldn’t consider it. In theory, Swype could make text input even easier than it already is on the iPhone… and if you don’t like the swiping gestures, you can still use Swype to tap each letter individually. Win-win.”

Either way, somehow we’ll think we’ll manage live with our iPhone 4s, thanks.

No. 3: Video Calling Say you want to video chat with someone using the Apple iPhone 4. That someone has to have a WiFi connection and he has to use the same application on his own iPhone 4. You’re looking at a small club of people — not exactly an application of global Skype-like proportions.

MacDailyNews Take: You’ve got to start somewhere and, when you’re dealing with carriers that extract billions more than they invest in their cobbled together “networks” in some countries, you have to work around their deficiencies.

No. 2: iPhone 4 Shortages This means there won’t be enough iPhones on hand to meet the presumably high demand. Though it’s not a terrible problem to have if you are a gadget maker, sellouts and delivery delays will mar Apple’s big iPhone 4 debut. The frustration could push buyers toward other phones.

MacDailyNews Take: People who would settle for lesser devices and platforms are not really Apple’s best customers.

No. 1: No Verizon iPhone. Apple’s exclusive partnership with AT&T has been a point of discord among iPhone owners and it has tarnished the public perception of both companies. It also has done almost nothing for AT&T’s stock. Investors have been waiting for the Verizon iPhone. But that’s apparently not going to happen until next year, if ever. So Apple fans who want the new iPhone have to lock in for another two years with AT&T. This scenario is not particularly pleasant considering that AT&T’s new subscriber plans put penalties on people (like iPhone users) who happen to be heavy data users.

MacDailyNews Take: We have to *gack* agree with Moritz on that one. Sadly.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, one out of five is pretty much a miracle for Moritz who normally goes o-fer whatever number he dreams up while fomenting.


  1. “No. 1: No Verizon iPhone”

    When Apple buys AT&T;and it becomes Apple TeleComm & TeleData, with direct links to their server farm, the race will be over, and the competition will be standing in the dust, jaws agape.

  2. As long as Verizon uses a protocol that is not universally supported, I do not see iPhone on Verizon. And that MDN cannot see the problems with that is beyond me.. It is about time for another JS slap down, like he did about Adobe, regarding this whole Verizon silliness. There is no doubt the iPhone should be on another carrier in the US, but Verizon makes absolutely no sense..

  3. The GSM vs. CDMA issue is really a non-issue. So many have mentioned it here so many times as a primary reason for lack of any possible future interest in Verizon. Yet, tt is trivial and Apple can easily, and likely already has, built a CDMA phone. Chipsets have been designed long ago, hybrid (CDMA/GSM) versions have existed for years, and pretty much every other phone maker has been building two versions of their popular phones for years. No groundbreaking research and development would need to be done in order to make a Verizon phone.

    There is only ONE reason why there isn’t a Verizon phone: a 5-year exclusivity agreement with AT&T.

    If Jobs ever decides to consider Verizon, it can only happen after 2011 (when 5 years expire).

  4. @singidunum
    “If Jobs ever decides to consider Verizon, it can only happen after 2011 (when 5 years expire).”

    Is there proof that this AT&T;deal was for 5 years? I see that number thrown around quite a bit but never anything to back it up.

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