Steve Jobs email: ‘We will keep making the best computers on the planet’

Apple Online Store“It’s all the rage these days. You fire off an email to Apple’s Steve Jobs, the CEO of one of the world’s biggest and most secretive technology companies, and to your astonishment, the great man himself replies,” Steve O’Hear reports for TechCrunch. “You then publish said email, sit back and watch as the tech press dissect each and every word.”

“It’s quite the media spectacle, especially when you factor in that Steve can’t (and doesn’t) reply to every email he receives,” O’Hear reports. “But when he does, the replies are usually sparse and occasionally cryptic.”

O’Hear reports, “Steve’s reply to my lengthy email was no different.”

We will keep making the best computers on the planet. We love it.

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O’Hear asks, “So what did I ask him?”

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  1. With continued improvements in technology, including voice-activated commands, the author (and others) will find that he’ll be able to choose between his Mac truck or the Porsche that’s the iPad.

  2. Since my stroke over two years ago I’ve been typing with one hand, not my predominant hand either. The iPhone has been great to use one handed but the accessibility built into OSX (sticky keys) have also been great. Although I’ve gotten faster at typing I’m nowhere near where I was. But now the touch screen iPad has entered my life and I can type faster on the virtual keyboard than a physical keyboard.

  3. to person who signed as “Translation”:

    You obviously don’t speak the language Jobs speaks.

    One has to be very careful when interpreting Jobs’s messages. They are so short and succinct, they can be twisted into any possible meaning.

    The most proper interpretation comes from within the context of doubt many expressed about the future of the Macintosh line. Jobs’s ‘truck driver’ metaphor suggested that many more people will move away from full-power desktop computing to the ‘lite’-flavoured multi-touch devices, but that Apple has no intention of abandoning full-power desktop computing anytime soon, and especially not now, when its market share shows consistent growth.

    As for the author’s primary concerns (accessibility issues for the physically disabled), Apple has consistently been the leading innovator in the field for the past (almost) 30 years, so I have no doubt that his concerns will be addressed, regardless of which direction Apple’s desktop computing takes.

  4. I’m expecting Mr. Jobs to release an iPad that I can order with the glass screen made to order with my spectacles prescription one day.
    So that I can use it without glasses on. Don’tcha just love it?

  5. Of course Apple is will continue to make Macs, although “computer” can mean many things (including hand-held devices).

    And the Mac lineup will continue to be a mix of portable MacBooks with mid-sized screens (13-17 inches) and desktop iMacs with larger screens (20+ inches). Apple has just demonstrated the intent to continue the Mac mini line with a brand new design. The powerhouse Mac Pro was last updated more than a year ago (March 2009), but Mac Pros tend to go longer between revisions; there have only been two revisions since the first model in August 2006.

    So I think Apple’s “best computers on the planet” (for at least the next ten years) will be hand-held devices with screens smaller than 12 inches (running iOS) and laptops/desktops with screens 13 inches and larger (running Mac OS). Both types of Apple computers and their respective OSs will obviously continue to evolve each year.

  6. No twelve core Mac Pro, a $100 price increase on a Mac Mini that uses a previous generation CPU and no headless desktop that’s in between in size and price. If that’s the best in headless desktop computers I’d hate to see the worst.

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