FOX News reviews Apple iPhone 4: ‘By far the best smartphone on the market’

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Now that I’ve spent some quality time with the iPhone 4 I can safely say it’s by far the best smartphone on the market — it’s even better than other overhyped phones slated to be released mid-summer! And I say that with a brand new Motorola Droid X (coming out July 15) in one pants pocket and the just released HTC EVO from Sprint in the other,” Clayton Morris reports for FOX News. “The iPhone 4 beats them all.”

“Let’s start with the screen, which Apple has branded a ‘Retina Display.’ It’s the most crisp display I’ve ever seen. Reading books via the newly launched iBooks app is stunning,” Morris reports. “The most marketable feature is FaceTime, which is what Apple is calling the new video call feature. Sure, others have tried to do video calling and have succeeded, but it’s never been this easy to do.”

Morris reports, “What about the biggest complaint of all? You know what I’m talking about — dropping all those AT&T calls. Well, Apple redesigned the phone so that the antenna is built into the stainless steel body. Does it work? In the dozen or so calls I made with the phone in New York City, both indoors and outside, I didn’t drop any calls. That’s a huge improvement. I had trouble connecting on at least three occasions and that may have been typical New York City cell traffic. The real test will come with long-term use.”

“Speaking of design, the form factor of this phone is super thin and incredibly solid,” Morris reports. “It makes my current iPhone 3GS look bloated and old. The new Droid X looks like it was designed by a committee that couldn’t decide on one design — so they combined two of them. Everything about the build of this phone feels solid — even the stainless steel buttons.”

Morris reports, “A remarkable display, beautiful hardware and intelligently designed software all add up to now make iPhone 4 the phone to beat.”

Read the full review here.


  1. On vacation in Hawaii, reading all the great reviews of “true” “facts” that has said before and will again!!!!!!

    Later will go check out the Apple Store close to Waikiki ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Go Apple Go ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Wow. The reaction time of the liberals here is getting better and better. I thought it would take at least 30 minutes for the knee-jerk reaction to the term “Fox News” to occur.

    Hey, MDN – try posting something with the words “Glenn Beck,” “Sean Hannity,” “Marc Levin,” or “Michael Savage” in the title. Maybe we can get their reaction time down to milliseconds.

  3. I suspect all these spoilers about yellow spots and phones cutting out will prove to be trumped-up – and fade away once people get the phones into wide circulation.
    The widespread and unsupported rumours are so well orchestrated, and amazingly fast, they “smell”. They smell Bad. Some people are obviously so worried about the devastating effect the 4 could have on their business, they will go to any extreme of deviousness to damage the launch.

  4. OK so I wated in line 4 for days. Didn’t bathe, ate and couldn’t really sleep. Usually masturbate at night so none of that. Finally today came soon as I touched my new Iphone I nutted. That should explain a lot. Enjoy it

  5. Excellent review. As a proud owner of the new iPhone, I can attest to the truthfulness concerning the new features and user experience of the review. Nope, no problem with either the screen or the signal reception here. I have not paid much attention to the new droid phones, especially the droid x, so it’s nice to know the new iPhone beats them all.

  6. “Fair and Balanced” loves Apple, so they must be Good Guys. And Fair and balanced. Of course, the NY Times also loved the iPhone. Actually, David Pogue, the writer did. I would hope that this is the same case regarding the “Fox news” review- not endorsed by an organization or political agenda, but an individual doing his or her job. I would like to think that just as other NY Times writers could disagree with David Pogue, other Fox writers could have varying opinions.

  7. MDN has successfully trained its readers to look for politically charged context in most articles now, even where there is none. I’m sure the readers with liberal views are getting more and more annoyed that MDN seems to be quoting only FOX news for reviews of Apple products, and not whatever is the liberal equivalent (MSNBC? NY Times? I don’t know). The point, though, is that the percentage of stories (or MDN takes) that are chosen (or written) to obviously spike political slug fest has risen dramatically in recent months. At this point, even innocuous reviews, such as this one, with zero political slant, provide click bait for such shouting matches just by virtue of a vague association.

    Well done, MDN… And folks, feel free to slug it out, MDN obviously loves your eyeballs.

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