Analyst: iPhone 4 selling out, could top 1.5 million units in single weekend

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Apple is selling iPhone 4s quickly enough that some stores have already sold out before the end of the day, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster discovered today,” Electronista reports.

“A check in the morning found that nine of 20 Apple stores had already exhausted their stock, and all others expected to clear theirs by the end of the day,” Electronista reports. “Earlier iPhone launches have usually taken a full weekend before significant sellouts.”

Electronista reports, “Munster also saw Apple selling many more iPhones than it has in the past. Assuming Apple reserved about half its total launch supply for those who hadn’t pre-ordered, Munster expected to see at least one million and as many as 1.5 million iPhones sell this weekend.”

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  1. Once again, Apple’s sales are only constrained by how many they can produce. Maybe Apple should buy Foxconn and devote the entire output capacity of those factories to make iPhones and iPads.

  2. @ken1w: Brilliant idea! Furthering the vertical integration all the way. Then buy FedEx so they own the delivery mechanism as well. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Actually Apple used to have its own manufacturing. The most famous of which was the Freemont, Colorado plant.

    Apple found out that it is more cost effective to have others do the actual hardware build. Additionally, not being tied to a particular manufacturing facility gives Apple significantly greater flexibility in what it sells. If Apple wanted to sell a “netbook” this year it could just hire the best netbook manufacturer on the planet to build them to Apple’s specifications rather than build its own factory.

  4. Maybe Apple needs to do in the USA what it has done in other countries:

    Allow more than one carrier to offer the iPhone. But, we all know there is a very binding contract between Apple and AT&T;. Too bad.

    As soon as the lines open for pre-purchase here in Australia, I will be ordering two of them. No more lines!

    Go Apple!

  5. Couldn’t get through on pre-order day, and didn’t want to wait ’til mid-July. My two local Apple stores sold out early this morning. Last night there were already more people in line than they had phones.

    I can’t think of another product I would go through such travails to get, and to put up with AT&T;, and if I have to hold it with a secret handshake and look through a yellow fog, I’ll still get one. I’ve seen the droids, incredibles, etc etc, and they’re just dim, unintuitive, clunky, battery-sucking, bad copy-cat junk.

  6. “Assuming Apple reserved about half its total launch supply for those who hadn’t pre-ordered”

    I wouldn’t assume that at all. At my local Apple store they were serving ten times as many people who had pre-ordered than those who hadn’t. If the stories of all the other retailers having minimal or no supplies turn out true, it looks as if Apple let the lion’s share of the available stock go to pre-orders and kept very little in reserve…

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