Apple: White iPhone 4 will not be available until second half of July

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!Apple today released the following statement:

White models of Apple’s new iPhone 4 have proven more challenging to manufacture than expected, and as a result they will not be available until the second half of July.

The availability of the more popular iPhone 4 black models is not affected.

Source: Apple Inc.


  1. This is mixed news for me. I was hoping the whites would be in the stores tomorrow in limited quantities. So I’m bummed I won’t be getting a white tomorrow.

    On the brighter side, I’ll get the black tomorrow and can buy a white one later in July. It’s like having two Apple Summer Christmases! And this on top of my iPad birthday.

    Apple keeps on giving!

  2. I think that there’s a wire mesh window above the earpiece to camo the sensors and that was the issue. They either changed it or had problems getting the different front piece. That’s my thoughts.

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