Barnes & Noble cuts price on Nook eReader device

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Barnes & Noble Inc. cut the price of its Nook e-reader to $199 and unveiled a new Wi-Fi only model that costs $149, as the competition over electronic-book readers turns to a new battle front: price,” Matt Jarzemsky reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“While the Nook Wi-Fi picks up Internet signals, it lacks the cellular-network connectivity of its predecessor, the Nook 3G, whose price the company cut from $259,” Jarzemsky reports. “The nation’s largest bookstore-chain operator’s device is up against Apple Inc.’s iPad… among other e-readers and tablet computers.”

Jarzemsky reports, “The device goes on sale Monday online and will begin shipping this week.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Total Nook sales all-time exceeded by iPad in a fortnight, if it even took that long.


  1. The “Nook” name has been bothering me for a while. Then it came to me (very slowly compared to many, I’m sure) – Dr. Seuss. The problem is – a Nook can’t read…

    Excerpt from Dr. Seuss’s “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”:

    “We took a look.
    We saw a Nook.
    On his head
    he had a hook.
    On his hook
    he had a book.
    On his book
    was “How to Cook.”

    We saw him sit
    and try to cook.
    He took a look
    at the book on the hook.

    But a Nook can’t read,
    so a Nook can’t cook.
    what good to a Nook is hook cook book?”

    Thanks, Dr. Seuss, for many enjoyable hours of reading (and listening) to my children.

  2. Like running Windows on an Intel Mac, I picked up the Amazon Kindle app and the B&N;eReader app for my iPad. I have no trouble bouncing from iBooks to Kindle and other reader apps (like Zinio). However, the thing about the B&N;eReader that rubs my fur the wrong way is the presence of “ads” in the bookshelf — suggested downloads — that cannot be deleted. I want to see only what I’ve bought. Save the sales pitch for the shopping trip, like iBooks and the Kindle app.

  3. @Metryq: I know, totally annoying, right?I emailed B&N;about this and they told me how to delete the advertisement books — you have to log into their website and do it from there. Lame.

  4. @kingmel

    You must be a complete retard (as are most fanatics, whether suicide bombers or Macheads)

    The name nook has nothing to do with Dr. Seuss (which should be fairly obvious), a nook is “A small corner, alcove, or recess, especially one in a large room. A hidden or secluded spot.”

    Obviously a place a curl up and read.

    Will the nook, kindle, nobi, ipad survive? Only time will tell. I realize you are raving apple fans (Iike the products as I have an iphone and ipad, but hate Steve Jobs ad his company and can’t wait until they fall flat on their faces)

    So I realize you don’t think ipad can fail, but who knows what’s around the corner from Microsoft or google or Linus Torvalds…

    It’s funny (and ironic) Apple stole GUI from Xerox and then Msft stole it from Apple and became the biggest OS developer in the World, now apple stole touch technology from Msft (yes Msft had it for a over a decede before iphone or ipod touch) and have made a killing so time will only tell how long the “Magical Gadget Company” can hold onto the reigns. Right now Gadgets are the rave, who knows what the next “Tickle me Emo” will be.

    All I know is I’m shorting Apple if it hits $350

  5. Apple made huge improvements and contributions to the GUI after getting the ideas from Xerox Parc. And to compare Apple’s touch technology with MS’s is quite laughable.

    Take out your obvious pent-up anger elsewhere.

  6. Normal books won’t go away but they will sell less which in turn will cut into profits. Noble tries to get in on this new market but I think they will fail just like the operators, Internet and Mobile has failed to gain a holding in the content market.

    I think Noble is better of launching an e-reader app for the ipad or try to work as some kind of middle man between the writers and the electronic stores like amazon, Apple and others.

    They launched their e-book reader too late. They should have done that many years ago to be able to gain any traction and build momentum.

    Noble has to release Apps for iPad and other platforms. Trying to go with their own reader alone will not work.

    Also. My personal view is that before e-books really can be something to count with we need to be able to buy e-books from one store and load them on to what ever device we want and read them. I will not have my books stuck on ONE platform. That just wot cut it for e-books to go mainstreem.

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