Ars Technica reviews Apple’s iOS 4: Make your iOS device more useable than ever

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“iOS 4, previously known as iPhone OS 4, is a major update to Apple’s mobile OS which brings a handful of significant changes—namely Apple’s implementation of ‘multitasking’ plus the opening up of thousands of APIs to third-party developers—while the rest of the improvements are basically tweaks to existing functionality,” Jacqui Cheng reports for Ars Technica.

“For iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G users (as well as second- and third-generation iPod touch users), iOS 4 will add useful functionality that will make your device more useable than ever,” Cheng reports. “For the purposes of this review, though, we used iOS 4 on an iPhone 3GS—the most current iPhone available ahead of the iPhone 4 launch.”

“The most exciting part about iOS 4 is really what third-party developers will do with the 1,500 new APIs. After all, the iPhone experience has become one that is almost defined by its apps, and Apple has opened up a new world of possibilities with its latest API offerings. As we go into the second half of 2010, we’re sure to see plenty of new apps that do creative things with Game Center, multitasking capabilities, the camera, and more,” Cheng reports. “So, unless you have a specific reason to hold back—jailbreakers, we’re looking at you—or you’re a poor, abandoned original iPhone owner, we can’t see why you wouldn’t want to upgrade your iPhone or iPod touch.”

Read the full, comprehensive (as usual) review here.


  1. Backup process just kills me. It looks like taking forever. I downloaded ios 4. But I don’t have time to install right now. Maybe I will try it again when I will go to sleep. I don’t get it why it takes so long. Anybody has the same problem here?

  2. Jailbreakers…..f-tards if ever there were any.
    ” I want the warranty on my Jetta to remain intact, even though I pulled the engine and transmission out and replaced them with the powertrain from a Chevrolet Chevette! “

  3. @Edward

    Depends on what you have synced to your iPhone. If you have a lot of movies/musics/photos/apps set to sync over, well, it take awhile to move a lot of data. If you want the process to go faster, make sure it is not set to sync those things, and the install of the iOS should be quick and painless.

  4. There’s no point in doing it yet for me because most of the apps I want to use aren’t iOS 4 ready. I’ve even read of a few favs crashing persistently after the OS update so I’m that much more apprehensive.

  5. OK… I like the unified mailbox, but unfortunately some key functionality (for me) had been lost.

    While the push feature for mail works fine, I no longer get a visual notification that mail is sitting in one of my “filtered” subfolders. The red numbers indicating mail has arrived, only appears when something goes directly into the InBox at the highest level.

    I hope that 4.01 come out quickly to address this issue

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