Apple’s iOS 4 due 1pm EDT today; offers iPhone users 100+ performance and security updates

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Apple on Monday was set to release the latest firmware update for its iPhone and iPod Touch [sic] multimedia devices,” Paul McDougall reports for InformationWeek.

“iPhone OS 4, as the software is called, features a number of enhancements that are mostly aimed at making the devices more user friendly,” McDougall reports. “Many of the new features, such as multitasking, are designed to work exclusively with the new iPhone 4, which goes on sale in the U.S. on Thursday. The feature lets users engage in a number of tasks or activities simultaneously. For instance, they could listen to a Pandora music stream while using other third-party apps.”

MacDailyNews Note: That is incorrect. iOS 4 multitasking works on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or third generation iPod touch (late 2009 models with 32GB or 64GB). Shoddy work, Paul, and there’s no excuse as the information is readily available in Apple’s press release.

McDougall continues, “iOS 4 also eases application organization through a feature that lets users create new folders simply by dragging one app icon on top of another of the same category, such as Games. E-mail display has also been improved, as iPhone OS 4 offers a unified inbox that pulls together messages from all of a user’s e-mail accounts.”

“All told, iOS 4 offers more than 100 new features or enhancements. It can be downloaded starting Monday at 10am Pacific time from Apple’s Web site or iTunes store,” McDougall reports. “Apple said it plans to release a version of the software for the iPad tablet computer in the fall.”

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  1. I was hoping that iOS 4 would work fine with my iPhone 3G. It still feels new.

    On a positive note, though, iPhone 4 should have better longevity in terms of iOS updates than previous model have. It’s specs are leaps ahead of what we’ve had so far.

  2. I can’t wait – to wait. As tempted as I am to download iOS 4 immediately, I’ll hold off a few days to make sure there are no big bugs that were missed.

    Be sure to back up and sync your data before you update. Best of luck!

  3. @Blowout:

    Always a smart move to wait awhile, but one I will not be following. I will assume, though, that testers have been running IOS4 24/7 on every piece of hardware it works on for many weeks. Shouldn’t be any problems with only a few, very specific, hardware versions out there.

  4. Hope they fixed the Bluetooth issue.
    It doesn’t connect automatically with previous headsets like before, at least for me it doesn’t.
    Also hope they add AVCRP.

  5. I just find it’s a huge blow for us 2g iPod touch user not getting at least a lite version of multitasking. At least that if I want to listen to pandora, I could at least browse safari while still listening to it.

    I have a like new 16gb touch. Oh well, I’ll still update it, use it for a bit longer and sell it. I can easily fetch around $175 for it. Most likely Apple will make a 4g iPod touch with the a4 chip and with a camera which will be a sweet upgrade for $60 or so more.

  6. @blowout

    I’m pretty certain iTunes performs a backup BEFORE doing anything with the device. It backs up my Touch before sync’ing.

    It can be an annoying step in the Sync’ing process IMO but, I’m grateful for the feature. The back up always takes longer than the sync.

  7. Has anyone actually tried it yet?

    You are probably right, but there have been cases in the past where unsupported systems can had access to new feature. I was using my iBook G3 (cd drive only) up to the point where the OS install disks were DVD only. (Apple is just making it clear that users shouldn’t complain about sluggishness for those systems.)

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