Associated Press reviews Apple Mac mini: New smarts and a sharp new suit

Apple Online Store“The smallest sibling of the Mac family just graduated. Little brother has some new smarts and a sharp new suit… Apple Inc. released a new mini this week, and it’s the biggest redesign of the product since it was launched in 2005,” Peter Svensson reports for The Associated Press. “It adds some much-needed features and a less-than-necessary, but very appealing, design flourish.”

“So why get a Mac mini? It doesn’t have the horsepower of the full-size Mac Pro desktop, or the portability of the MacBook,” Svensson reports. “Well, for one thing, it’s still the cheapest way to get access to Mac software. If you want to do video editing or graphic design, the Mac rules. The new mini starts at $699, up from $599 for the previous model. That’s without a keyboard, mouse or monitor, but it’s still a pretty good value.”

“It could also be a ‘home base’ computer, acting as a backup and file server for the household’s laptops,” Svensson reports. “The basic model now comes with a 320 gigabyte hard drive, enough for most purposes and twice the size of the old basic model.”

Svensson reports, “Third, the mini is a great option if you want to connect your living-room TV to the Internet and your collection of movies, music and photos.”

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  1. Mr. Reeee

    The only thing I’ve ever needed a 7200 rpm drive was for recording video or 24 tracks of audio. Simple video editing works fine on a 5400 rpm drive, and who would seriously want to do intensive graphics on this machine? It’s not meant for that, it’s an entry level machine.

  2. Mr. Reeee,

    Adding to what Jim – TIV said, you could describe the regular Intel integrated graphics as “shitty,” but the NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics are far better.

  3. Hey reee

    have you even seen one these in action? Have you seen its graphics ability? I didn’t think so.

    The Nvidia card and Grand Central probably contribute 16 to 24 more processors to the mix. Which is probably 16 to 24 more than the last model.

    Integrated graphics, IYO, is “shitty” but do you have to insult everyone who own an Apple product that includes an IG setup?

    Yeesh, get over yourself already!

    There is no doubt in my mind this machine could handle, with ease, Avatar at 1080p. Not that Avatar is the gold standard, mind you, but that movie is heavily cg’d and at 1920 x 1080, would be impressive.

    This product is not for you, we get that. It doesn’t meet your expectations for a sub-thousand-dollar computer, but there are millions out there who will but it, and be very happy with its performance.

    As for the speed of the drive, it’s really relative to its intended use. As a home theater, or a home server, only the jaded would recognize the difference and quietly decide its not for them and look elsewhere.

    This is Macintosh is ideal for anyone looking for a media center and perhaps a second

    Coming down off my high horse now…

  4. There was one bad thing about the Associated Press review. The title of the article ends with the words “but be careful.” When you examine the text of the article, you discover that the caveat is that “the power button is in the wrong place.”

    Why is it that journalists think that “objectivity” means that you must always make up some “bad thing” to counterbalance all the “good things,” even if the bad thing is just ridiculous? Especially when the “review” is a gussied-up press release from the manufacturer, no reasonable person is impressed.

  5. 7200 RPM drive Mehhhh

    The Notebook drive is the machines main bottleneck but I want to see some benchmarks of this new mini with a good SSD drive. Say a X-25M. 100 Mb/s writes babycakes! (1000 point for anyone that gets that reference)

  6. Note – while it has been pointed out that the new Mini is the same size as the Apple TV its also the same size as the Time Capsule. I say this because the very morning the mini was announced NewEggMall was advertising a dual-drive external designed to match the Time Capsule. Fate, Kismet, Dumb Luck..I don’t know but it’s interesting.

  7. I heard this thing uses 10 watts when running idle. That’s amazing. Even one of those typical energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs uses around 15 watts. That’s not counting the display, but you could leave this thing on all the time with the display set to sleep, and it would barely be a blip on your utility bill.

    Perfect server; there guys are going to need an upgrade

    and fit even more Mac minis per rack (and use less power). ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    “The above photos show Macminicolo’s server room with roughly 400 Mac minis in operation”

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