Want an Apple iPhone 4 on June 24 launch day?  Get in line

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!If you weren’t one of the lucky 600,000 who pre-ordered an Apple iPhone 4 on June 15th before AT&T and Best Buy ceased pre-orders and Apple moved new pre-orders to later delivery dates, but you still want your iPhone on June 24 launch day, you’ll have to get in line.

Apple has sold out of the first batch of pre-order iPhone 4 units. New Apple Store online pre-orders currently have shipping dates of July 14. If you didn’t pre-order your iPhone 4 on June 15th, the only way to get an iPhone 4 on June 24 is to go to a physical store since Apple has reserved the remaining initial iPhone 4 inventory for retail stores’ launch day sales.

There’s no telling how many iPhone 4 units will be available for sale at each store. On June 24, iPhone 4 units (black only, both 16GB and 32GB models) are supposed to be available at Apple, AT&T, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Radio Shack retail stores.

Before you pack up the sleeping bag, we’d definitely call ahead to make sure that the store from which you’d like to buy plans to have iPhone 4 units available for sale on June 24.


  1. i’m riled! i reserved one ’til i got to the screen “we’ll see you at the store. what to bring, etc.” on the right side of the screen was the summary of iphone 4 $299, etc. so i thought the reservation was complete but i never received the confirmation email. so i called the apple store and they said they don’t have my reservation in the system! i rarely say this but…wtf!

  2. no. because i passed the eligibility check and apple site gave me the correct price of 299 on the right side of the screen under summary. i know this because i tried it that day like 100 times before i finally managed to see completion page, i thought, when apple site gave me a page that said “we’ll see you at the store.” now my sister and i are going to go there bright and early cross fingers that we both get one. fun time ahead! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Rather than waiting in line for several days, just drive away from the city for about an hour. Your best chance is to find the most rural Best Buy, Wal-Mart or Radio Shack. Overcome your Nihilophobia and drive into the countryside (in spite of rumors, most farmers don’t bite). If you thought AT&T;service is poor, it’s worse amongst the cornfields, and as such there probably won’t be a rush on iPhones at their Wal-mart and Radio Shack stores. Besides, the tax is less, too.

    Be sure to stop by a roadside farmstand, tell the farmer “Thank you” for keeping you alive, and then taste what food is suppose to taste like; ripened by nature, not by being picked green and tasteless 1,000 miles away, then Ethylene-soaked in boxcars to “look” ripened. You’ll never buy food in cellophane again!

  4. To Buster:

    Enjoy your St-Jean Baptiste day, iPhone 4 will only be available in Canada (including Quebec) in July, most probably at the end of the month.

    Apple, Rogers, Bell and friends will likely announce a pre-order date before. You could sign up if you want on either Rogers and Bell web sites to get the latest info.

  5. Does that include the white ones? Have any white iPhones been produced at all? I’ll gladly try and make it to an Apple store but not if we’re still talking strictly black iPhones.

  6. @ A. Turing

    “Rather than waiting in line for several days, just drive away from the city for about an hour. Your best chance is to find the most rural Best Buy, Wal-Mart or Radio Shack”

    Here in Dallas only select Best Buy stores carry Apple products. Might want to call first.

  7. A. Turing: Your “advice” does little for those of us who don’t drive or have access to a car.

    I may give Wal-Mart a try; folks around here may not think of them when determining where to purchase their phones…plus there’s a Radio Shack in the same center so I might have a double chance. At least I can grab breakfast at McDonald’s too…

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