Analyst: Brace for summer of iPhone 4 shortages

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Brace for a summer of Apple iPhone shortages,” Scott Moritz reports for TheStreet.

“Apple’s iPhone production has hit a speed bump due to display screen shortages, says Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar, whose sources include Apple supply and manufacturing partners,” Moritz reports. “Kumar says the shortage has forced Apple’s contract manufacturers to cut the iPhone’s monthly production rate to 2 million a month, down from the planned rate of 4 million iPhones a month.”

“The component shortage comes as demand for the new iPhone builds to record proportions. Apple said this week that pre-sales were running 10 times higher than previous levels for the iPhone 3GS,” Moritz reports. “The hitch involves production of in plane switching displays, the key component of Apple’s so-called retina display screens on the new iPhone. Kumar says people close to the production expect to have the issue resolved probably by August, and definitely by fall, which would be in time for the holiday sales rush.”

Moritz report, “Apple’s new iPhone has been a roaring success already, as the crush of demand for pre-orders crashed AT&T Web processing systems this week.”

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  1. For my family, at least, this just might be a good thing. The shortage could delay our purchase into the calendar Q4 timeframe . . . when, maybe/just maybe, there might be another carrier available. (I know, I know.)

    Hope springs eternal.

  2. So you reference his article with no confirmation from aapl, no request for comment… ? he has to write every day, for that matter so do you guys, how much is filler how much is pure garbage? Scott has not been the best source for tech info or prognostication.

  3. Just as well. Not eligible for the upgrade until November. 🙁 Still, $200 more for early upgrade… I know they won’t let me set up a tent in the mall at the only Apple Store for 180 miles. (I’ve tried camping overnight…for the iPad — which I’m using now)

  4. Consider the source – perfect statement. I’ll second that.

    Until we hear it from Apple, I honestly can’t believe what this Moritz fool is saying.

  5. “Apple’s iPhone production has hit a speed bump due to display screen shortages, …” This is the first time I have read where the production speed bump is in the new iPhone 4. For now and the world wide rollout, the screen supply is the answer to, how many iPhone 4 phones will Apple sell? Apple will sell every iPhone 4 that they can get made.

  6. Yes cptnkirk, Scott Moritz is an idiot. And yes, Apple can get more companies assembling their iPhones. However, if they can’t get one of the pieces required to make the iPhone, they can’t supply the finished iPhone.

    It is like having a tire shortage, you can’t ship or sell cars without tires no matter how may factories you have making the cars.

  7. People, making the touch screen at this resolution has proprietary procedures that Apple and the manufacturer do not want to share. Apple has the billions in the bank to help them expand to meet Apple’s needs or Apple will acquire them and make it happen.

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