First iOS 4 multitasking apps begin popping up in Apple App Store

Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors, “Apple has started approving updates for apps that support the new features of iOS 4. The most notable feature that requires explicit support is OS 4 multitasking.”

“One particularly prominent app that now supports the basic iOS 4’s multitasking API is Dropbox, a file sharing/syncing tool,” Kim reports.

Previous versions of Apple’s iPhone OS, now called iOS, did not support “multitasking in 3rd party applications,” Kim reports. “Apple has cited issues with performance and battery life as chief concerns with unrestricted multitasking. Instead, Apple has introduced 7 specific background services for IOS 4 apps that will allow them to continue tasks after a user switches away from them.”

Kim reports, “Apple will be distributing iOS 4 to the public on June 21st.”

Full article here.


  1. I am so waiting for iOS 4 for the iPad. It is excruciating.

    Since buying my 3G 64gb iPad on launch day in Sydney, Australia, I have used it almost every day. It’s becoming a “fondle-pad”.

    However, one problem I keep running into is that of having to close down apps to lauch other apps, copy some text close down that app and then relauch the original app into which I paste the text etc…

    It’s like being back on my first twin-floppy Mac SE with Single Finder. Only then, the Apple menu had a Scrapbook in which items could be stored and called from. Wonder if any developer would like to take a shot at developing Scrapbook for iPad…

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