Did you get fully subsidized iPhone 4 price even with AT&T contract 6+ months from completion?

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!In AT&T’s June 7, 2010 press release, AT&T Mobility’s CEO Ralph de la Vega, stated, “We know that people are eager to get iPhone 4, which is why we moved up the upgrade eligibility date for current iPhone customers by up to six months.”

Six months.

So, then why did we get fully subsidized pricing on our iPhone 4’s when we are Day One iPhone 3GS buyers (not to mention Day One iPhone and iPhone 3G buyers)?

We paid $299 for each of our iPhone 4 32GB models, yet we bought our iPhone 3GS models less than 12 months ago. And, last June 19th, we paid dearly for the privilege.

Was the $299 price we got during our iPhone 4 pre-orders a computer error? Will we be charged another $200 per unit on June 24th? Or did we get it because we paid the full (unsubsidized) price for our iPhone 3GS units last June?

Has anyone else pre-ordered iPhone 4 models at the fully-subsidized prices ($199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB models) who was also more than 6 months from the end of their 24-month AT&T Mobility contracts?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for proposing these questions.]


  1. Dial *new# from your iPhone. In may when I checked, my upgrade date was November of this year (I was also day one 3 GS). Since the announcement when I checked, it says I’m eligible for full subsidy. I was also able to preorder the 32gb for $299. Seems all good on my end.

  2. I was originally eligible on November 19 and I got a full upgrade. I pay $88 a month. The amazing thing though, is that my sister, who bought her 3gs in December of last year and only pays $80 a month, was eligible for a full upgrade. She has payed them just over $500, barely enough to cover the subsidation, let alone enough for bandwidth anD so they could even make a profit from her. Pretty good deal.

  3. Not us: I have a 3G and my wife has a 3Gs. I was able to get subsidized pricing on mine, naturally. However, my wife was listed as being eligible Feb. 2011 for her 3Gs. She called and was told the window is actually 22 months, but she is eligible for early upgrade pricing which splits the subsidized/full price difference meaning an extra $200 if she wants one. The 22-month number makes no sense as that would put her in April. I also read on an ATT FAQ that customers that pay $99 and more per line are eligible for 12-18 month upgrades: the more you pay the faster you can upgrade, which makes sense. We are on a family plan with her phone being the primary account. This technically makes my wife’s plan greater than $99 dollars so she should qualify. She has yet to check into that though; they probably have different rules for family plans ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> It may also be that the FAQ is out-of-date. The web site is pretty pathetic in terms of up-to-date information once you start drilling down deep.

    It appears as if the rules/answers change depending on who you talk to. Why am I not surprised?

  4. I’ve bought every new iPhone from 2007 iphone, iphone 3G, iphone 3GS, and now the iPhone 4 on the day it was released. Every time, ATT gave me the discounted subsidized price with a new 2 year contract extension. My wife who is on my family plan has done the same thing, but for some reason, it says that she can’t upgrade until January. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how ATT handles upgrades.

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