TheStreet’s Moritz: Apple is killing the tech sector (or some such nonsense)

“Call it hardball or capitalism in its purest form, but Apple’s autocratic approach to business and the current sway its products have in the market have been nothing but punishment for other players,” Scott Moritz blathers for TheStreet. “Sure, to the winner go the spoils and all that — Apple shares are up ten-fold in the past 10 years. But unlike past stock rockets riding surging tech trends, Apple’s rise has not been particularly uplifting for investors outside Apple.”

MacDailyNews Take: No, you don’t say, Scott? Apple’s success isn’t helping non-Apple investors. Who’d thunk? Thank God for TheStreetcom.

Moritz continues, “In fact, Apple is killing tech as we know it.”

Some examples:
• Adobe
• Nokia
• Microsoft
• Intel

Moritz writes, “The trick behind Apple’s solo success is that the company strives to pull all its own strings. Few companies are permitted behind the fortress walls. The recent vow to exclude Google’s AdMob ads from its devices is just the most recent example of Apple’s exclusionary effort to blaze its own path.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple has not excluded Google’s AdMob ads fron its devices.

Moritz writes, “Take the iPod. It didn’t make MP3 players that loaded songs via USB from any computer like all the other devices. Instead, the proprietary iPod became a key special agent for iTunes, the music and media service Apple used to corner the music industry.”

MacDailyNews Take: The mnusic industry insisted on DRM, Scott. iPods have played MP3 since inception and before the Dock Connector, which oh-by-the-way connects via USB, used FireWire to connect to Macs and lesser personal computers.

Moritz writes, “What makes this argument difficult is that Apple is so good at what it does.”

MacDailyNews Take: Actually, what makes Mortiz’s argument difficult is that, as usual, he has none.

Full load of nonsense – Think before You Click™ – here.


  1. Ok, let me see if I get it right…
    If one company make really good quality products, and offers really good quality services based in really good quality software and hardware at a very affordable prices, then is a BAD COMPANY? is a company that kills other companies?

    So the god companies are that once with $tupid crappy products, services and very low quality in everything they do?

    Is that what “the streeter:” is saying?

    So is not the lack of innovation, imagination, quality, intelligence, etc what kills a company but apple is?

  2. moritz is a canadian rimm fanboy who never say’s anything reasonable or constructive about apple or it’s products. Avoid his articles or you’ll be moritzed.
    I said a long time ago that you can take the market cap of all the co.’s mentioned and just add it to Apple’s market cap because the old days of inferior products by half assed co.’s is over. people want innovation and quality and apple is light years ahead not just in technology but corp culture. Apple will be a 650 BILLION dollar co. by this time next year. Rimm will fall next right beside nokia, sony and nintendo are done, adobe bye bye and take your crap flash with you. google, apple is after you now! msft doesn’t even matter any more.

  3. Let’s see:

    1. Apple is so good at what it does

    2. Other companies in Apple’s market suffer because Apple is so good at what it does.

    3. We’re supposed to feel sorry for the other companies because Apple is so good at what it does.

    Moritz, besides being a Moron, must be a Democrat, and must love the Barry agenda as he tries to spread VERY dysfunctional reasoning also, thereby making himself look like a fool.

    Some people are just sssoooooo STUPID these days.

  4. Ok, I have to put his name in the top 5 of Apple hit whores. You know the others….the ones that I won’t mention by name because they only exist because they make a living poking at Apple. They have no credibility but are good for a quote (or a bottom) so they can pay their bills.

    I think they are sad, sad human beings but I guess everyone has to make a living even the wicked.

  5. Apple is bad because it is too good. That’s certainly a new take…

    It’s more like Apple is pulling the rest of tech industry toward its level of excellence. And that’s a very good thing.

    Before iPod, MP3 players basically sucked. After iPod, iPod was certainly dominant, but the other players also upped their game to compete.

    Before iTunes Store, there was really no digital music market (except for illegal downloads). After iTunes Store, there was a simple way to pay a reasonable price for downloading music. iTunes Store is now dominant in music retailing of any type, but other e-music retailing exists now because of Apple, and the music industry was not ruined by illegal file sharing.

    Before iPhone, smart phones were very different devices. Because the entire industry is trying to play catch-up to iPhone, Apple has improved all current smart phones to some extent. And it has taken control away from the wireless carriers.

    Before iPad, no one wanted a tablet computer. Now, everyone wants one, and there is a whole new category of computer, with the competition scrambling to create their own. For the tablet computer, Apple did more in two months of sales than Microsoft managed in ten years.

    Apple is THE force for advancement in the tech industry. Apple should profit from its leadership role, because it takes risks others are unwilling (or unable) to take.

  6. Moritz personally hates Steve Jobs and Apple.

    His multiple personal emails responding to reader article feedback emails, are downright vindictive contemptful and disgraceful to say the least. He is nasty, dumb retarded and anyone who has ever seen him talk are evidence that he is retarded and slow beyond normality. How this guy got a job being on camera is beyond all logic.

    In his eyes “ALL Apple fanboys, smoke Apple weed”. This pre disposition and blind bias should disqualify him from being a writer. He has zero regard for the truth and admits it.

    Other than than probably being a bona fide ignoramus and in his own words “lucky tard” paid to create FUD, he has it in personally for Steve Jobs and does not even hide this.

    This from multiple archived emails that can be available to the SEC as evidence of distort and short unethical practices.

  7. Hm. Let me see if I’ve got this right. The companies he listed are the same companies that at one time or another all tried to marginalize/crush/eliminate/ignore Apple, right? Hello! Where was all of this concern and pity when no one would develop for Apple? When everyone was afraid to even give scraps to Apple for fear of retribution from Micro$haft?

    D*mn right Apple learned from their mistakes and learned well! Had Sculley not given Micro$loth the secret to making a modern OS there would have been no M$ monopoly to begin with.

    It’s funny how, lately, the only people bemoaning the “demise” of the tech industry are all the same people who made their living shilling for Micro$h*t! Emphasis on MADE because they sure haven’t had a lot of positive developments at M$ to write about lately!

  8. What Apple is doing is showing all the commodity electronics makers that you can’t survive being an assembly line for various bits and pieces. You have to offer something different, and not just another color or phone shape. It truly has to improve the user experience, something that firms like Nokia and Microsoft have failed to grasp.

    Adobe only makes a new product when it seems to need new cash, and even then refuses to make its products easier to use.

    RIM actually started out being quite inventive with its Blackberry phones and service, but quickly fell into its comfort zone and stopped doing anything but mildly update phone features and shapes.

    Apple analyzes an area, figures out what’s needed and wanted, and works on building the best solution for people. Apple also throws in what it thinks people may want to do, even if people aren’t asking for it yet. No other tech company gets this. They all think you just keep adding features to an existing product, and the money keeps coming in.

    New tech companies are bound to jump up and eventually replace those named in the article, because dinosaurs eventually die off.

  9. Funny how this BooHooHoo mode didn’t exist when Microsoft were destroying the computer market in its favor.

    Again I’m getting the scent of money lust. TechTard Journalists want payola from Apple. They’re used to it from Microsoft. Now they’re nudging Apple for it. Same is the stink of money lust coming off the US federal government. It’s all ‘pay us to shut up’ subtle extortion.

    Darn, but Apple doesn’t have to bribe anyone to do well. They’ve rendered the good-old-boy system irrelevant.

    I like it!

  10. There were scores of US companies making automobiles at one point or another, but by 1965 we were down to the “Big Three”. Was it wrong that they failed to thrive in the business? Should the Big Three have “shared the wealth”?

    Indeed, there are lots of companies within the Apple ecosystem that are doing just fine, thank you. Makers of flash RAM, displays, video, wireless and bluetooth controllers are all benefiting, as are those who can work their magic with aluminum. A billion bucks for those selling software through the App Store, more for those making accessories for Apple kit.

    Microsoft, RIMM, Nokia, Adobe and the like are losing out because they can’t compete against a better company’s offerings.

  11. Oh, and that sound of crumbling and moaning you hear in the background, Mr. Moritz, isn’t the killing of the tech sector.

    What you hear are the sounds of The Dark Age of Computing coming to an end, at long last.

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