Computerworld: Apple’s Safari 5 not only fast, but includes extensions and a highly useful reader

Apple Online Store“On its Web site, Apple calls Safari ‘the world’s fastest Web browser.’ That has generated quite a bit of controversy on the Web, with some people saying that Chrome is faster than Safari on both the PC and Mac,” Preston Gralla reports for Computerworld.

“The problem is that there are no widely accepted tests that can accurately gauge real-world Web browsing, which includes page loading, running JavaScript, and performance on Web-based services such as Gmail. In my experience, Safari felt slightly faster than Chrome on the Mac, but on the PC, I was unable to discern any difference between the two,” Gralla reports.

“I put Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer through the most widely accepted browser speed test, the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark suite… So who is the speed king? In real-world use, you’ll likely find Safari and Chrome indistinguishable,” Gralla reports. “How does Safari stack up against Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer? When it comes to speed, Safari’s at the head of the pack — at least, on the Mac. Its new Reader feature is unique among browsers; as a result, for reading long Web articles, Safari is clearly the best browser.”

“However, even though Safari now supports extensions, at the moment there are few available, so it’s far behind Firefox and even Chrome in this area. Its address bar is the least functional of all the browsers, and its bookmarking, which is no different from the last version, is still very basic and leaves something to be desired,” Gralla reports. “The upshot is that anyone who already uses Safari should upgrade immediately. Those who have yet to use Safari may well want to download it as well, if only to check out the Safari Reader for reading long articles, and for experiencing speedy Web browsing.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Safari 5 is available for both Mac OS X and Windows as a free download at


  1. I’ve had an odd problem since I installed Safari 5. RSS feed articles don’t get marked as read either after I read them or when I select mark all as read. In fact, when I select mark all as read, the regular (non-RSS) web page gets loaded. Go back to the RSS page, articles are still marked unread. Didn’t have this problem before. The site in question is

  2. The new always open in tabs feature rarely works. I’ve tried “always” and the default “automatic” – no go. Still command-clicking (or two finger/right click and choosing “open in a new tab”).

  3. I would love to ditch Firefox on my MBP in a heartbeat, if only Safari had the options to start in Private Browser mode (and/or auto-reset at browser exit), and offered the extensions I use daily: NoScript, NoSquint, BetterPrivacy, Zotero etc. I am under the impression that replacements for Flashblock and AdBlock plus are now somewhat available for Safari.

    ClicktoFlash works on my Safari, but I definitely need the rest, especially BetterPrivacy. Look it up, if you are not aware how slimy Adobe/Google are.

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