Best Buy no longer be accepting pre-orders for any iPhone 4 models effective immediately

“Please note that effective immediatly [sic] Best Buy will no longer be accepting pre-orders for any models of the iPhone 4,” Jacob, the Best Buy Forum Admin, explains in Best Buy’s iPhone 4 Pre-order FAQ, updated today at 3:14 PM EDT.

For good measure, in three more FAQ’s, “Effective immediatly [sic] Best Buy will no longer be accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 4,” is also added in bold red type.

No other information is currently available.

Source: Best Buy

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Terry P.” for the heads up.]


  1. Glad my wife an I made It there yesterday by 11am. We sold our 3gs the day before an now we are stuck with our crappy Samsung Eternity. I knew the iPhone was a great phone but I really didn’t know until I downgraded back to the eternity. Even though there not even close to being in the same class. Lucky we still have our iPhone touches. What can we say, we are apple junkies like MOST everyone else on here. Btw, I just found this app and I love being kept up on all the latest apple news.

  2. So, how many of those video conferencing, video recording, photo taking, mp3 playing, game playing, web surfing iPhone 4 do you think Apple will sell?


    (Same answer for the iPad)

  3. Radio Shack may have White iPhones next Thursday. They may have bought all Apple had for sale to begin with. They had white SKUs. None of their attempts to place orders online worked. So they all had to make paper lists and are down to allocation among their 7,000 stores. My manager thinks he will get my White 32 next Thursday and he’ll have a shipping manifest on Tuesday so I will know then.

    If you are still wondering how to get an iPhone next Thursday, you should get to know your local Radio Shack manager.

  4. iPod touch. Think you knew what I meant mr/ms technical;) the only we buy from bEst buy is for the high priced insurance (15$ a month:0) but my job can put my phone through some rough times. Oddly enough we never had to use the insurance on my phone but we did on my wifes iPhone. They even gave her a crappy loaner till they could see if they could fix it. They couldn’t so gave her a refurbished iPhone which lasted even until now. At least when we sold it a few days ago.

  5. Orders of 600,000 – from the statements that appears to be for ATT & Apple (tho it is hard to tell if “Apple” = ALL channels or not).

    It seems to not include Best Buy, Radio Shack, & International. That could bring pre-orders up to 1 M.

    Regarding numbers, I recall seeing one analyst quoting suppliers stating 3M+ for the opening & the same number per month.

  6. @ Sonya
    “I don’ get it. Why are all pre-orders being stopped? Does it have to do with AT&T;?”

    I think it is that they are out of stock of iPhones to pre-order. That is all.

    I just hope that Apple can ramp up production, but this is not a trivial task. They have to ramp up screen production, CPU production, etc, etc before they can ramp up iPhone production.

  7. The average techie cannot spell.

    Also, he is obviously not a Mac user – A Mac would have flagged his spelling errors.

    Yet another reason to avoid Bogus Buy and their Freak Squad.

  8. “The average techie cannot spell.” And the point is that most stink at smalltalk and syntax but excel at piling up garbage and posing. No class. Oops, time to run.

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