Scoble: Apple’s iPhone 4 screen is the best one I’ve seen – by far (with image)

“Yeah, people are arguing about whether it really is a ‘retina display.’ [As in], can your eye see individual pixels on the new iPhone’s screen?” Robert Scoble writes for Scobleizer. “I say hell with that. The screen is the best one I’ve seen — by far.”

Scoble writes, “Just for comparison sake, here’s the iPhone 3GS’ screen with The New York Times on it so you can see the difference. It’s not even close! On the 3GS you can’t read any of the text without zooming in, while on the iPhone 4 you can clearly read the text.”

Scoble writes, “How good is it? Well, click on the photo above and you’ll be taken to the full resolution photo straight off of my Canon 5D MK II’s sensor of the 960×640 screen on the iPhone (you will have to scroll around a bit to get to the right part of the screen). Now THAT is sharp!”

Full article, also with video, here.


  1. Unfortunately, his photos are not particularly well taken. He should have placed the iphone flat on a table and taken with a tripod with the camera square to the device.

  2. Duh. Technical arguments aside, it should be obvious to anyone, based on the specs alone, that this screen is in a class by itself.

    Once again, Apple leads the way, raises the bar, sets the standard, and (insert your favorite leadership cliche here).

  3. To the railbird frigtards who criticized Scoble’s photo: get a life. He probably had but a few minutes of access to the phone. Even if this is a handheld image and not photographed to your snotty liking, the comparison is obvious.

    Instead of throwing up all over Scoble, vent your spleens at the twits over at the ever self-important Wired for their snotty and pointless article about the new iPhone’s screen.

    Bottom line: this thing is awesome. Deal with it.

  4. All this bickering over how great or not 4x pixels are over what we have now is absurd. Who doesn’t understand 4x pixels must be a lot better. I can’t see the pixels on my 3GS so why would I need 100 articles and a debate about the meaning of Retina Display to know it’s gonna be awesome. Hell, Steve already told us so. Hasn’t he always told us the truth? Could we please stop posting these screen res articles and agree with Steve’s word? I guess not. ;^ )

  5. I agree with FutureMedia. All these articles are out there because the Android users are trying to convince themselves they didn’t make a mistake in dropping their hard earned coins on the latest piece of HTC garbage.

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