RUMOR: Apple to release Apple Store app for iOS devices tomorrow

“One of our Apple sources let us know about an Apple-created application for the iPhone and iPad that is set to be released tomorrow,” Boy Genius reports.

“We’re told it’s a general service application that’s more or less a mobile version of the website, in an app form,” Boy Genius reports. “It will be free in the App Store and will allow users to make Genius Bar appointments, check new product in stock availability, book one to one training sessions, and basically shop the entire Apple product list.”

Full article here.


  1. I want to be able to purchase some of the goodies that are in the Apple Store on the main campus – mouse pads, shirts, stickers, coffee mugs, etc… WHEN will they do this?

  2. Tt, if it is an iPod touch, you are fine. apps don’t run on any of the other iPods.

    This will be very useful. I can go to the Apple Store with the shortest help time.

  3. Steve516, that would be great. Many of my old Apple campus products are in need of replacing. There are also non Apple distributers that sell Apple branded products. I assume will get some from there on Father’s Day.

  4. New Touch iMacs, keyboard/mouse optional
    – resembles a large iPad w/ adjustable stand
    10.7.0 Cougar with…
    – iPad app emulation
    – iBook
    – iApp store for iPad as well as iMac applications
    – Siri as a central AI interface & internet search

  5. it will be a glorious day when apple finally sells OS X apps through itunes.. I’ll be excited.. its long overdo

    the app store… they should add in the function where I can add a bunch of apps I want to download to a checkout then I can just download all at once

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