Chinese Apple developer gets iPad stolen during WWDC; Apple gives him new one, Steve Jobs emails

Zinio Digital Magazines - Reading Revolutionized“Here’s the story. The victim, Stone, is a Chinese Apple developer from Tencent, the company which created China’s most popular IM software QQ,” Chris Chang reports for M.I.C. Gadget.

“He’s invited by Apple to attend WWDC 2010. Being a tech guy, he brought along his iPad on the trip,” Chang reports. “During the conference, he got robbed on a bus in San Francisco. In the fight with the robber, he got hurt with rib broken, and his iPad failed to survive. The screen was completely shattered.”

Chang reports, “Then, he took it to the Apple store for repair. The Apple genius felt bad for his tragedy. So, Stone got a new one in return and at the same time, Steve Jobs wrote three words to comfort him: ‘safe travels home.'”

Full article here.


  1. Anyone else find it ironic that the top chinese im service is called QQ?

    You may have to be a gamer to get that…newfangled internet reference….dang kids. Stay off my lawn!

  2. Someone’s going to say it earnestly, so I’m going to say it in jest first, just to defuse the whole topic:

    Gotta keep our Chinese overlords happy.

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  3. Moral of the story is to keep your iPad securely stored out of sight when traveling on public transportation with easy access to criminal elements. Any time you are going to be around criminal prone people it’s best to not expose an iPad.

  4. Since when did Apple start selling the iPad in China? Sounds like a black market product to me. And Steve-o is endorsing this kinda behavior!

    In reality, I couldn’t care less (except for the touching human interest part of this story).

  5. Of course MDN is not a “news” site. It’s an Apple Fan Site, and everyone here knows it, and we’re fine with that.

    We don’t come here for news, we come here to get a highly-biased pro-Apple take on modern technology related articles and stories, whether or not they qualify as “news.” We enjoy MDN because for the majority of us their takes agree with our oppinions (at least concerning MS and Google), and that makes it more fun than the news. I for one am fine with that.

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