Aussies rage at ‘strings attached’ iPad sales; forced bundling claimed

“Aussie iPad buyers are raging at an electronics chain they claimed refused to sell them the fondle slabs unless they bought a bag load of superfluous accessories too,” The Register reports.

“JB Hi-Fi has had to publicly affirm it had no such policy, and has offered refunds to any buyers who feel they have been stuck with redundant kit,” The Register reports.

“Pad coveters who bought their devices from some branches of JB Hi-Fi have hit the net down under to complain that sales assistants told them they could not buy the device without buying screen protectors, docking stations or other electro-fluff, including Telstra Sims,” The Register reports. “They were variously told the restriction was “company policy” or Apple-imposed policy.”

The Register reports, “Any such restrictions would contravene Australia’s consumer laws… JB Hi-Fi’s boss Terry Smart told the Sydney Morning Herald that he couldn’t say for sure whether it was the actions of a few overzealous staff, but that the firm would address the problem. It would refund any unwanted goodies, he said.”

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  1. The Aussies and the Brits are always raging about something if you believe what the hit whore journalist post, I think they call it flaming, but being journalist they are protect by law or so they claim. Where’s Vlad the impaler when you need him? He knew how to take of the BS artist in his time.

  2. Apple are being exclusive with which dealers get iPads and ASIC and ACCC need to regulate the IT distribution business in Australia or be faced with selected Big retailers ripping off clients. Smaller dealers have been calling on Apple to allow them access to stock, for direct marketing and for thier corporate clients that are rolling out industry managment systems. These clients what to deal with an account manager not a snotty kid in a retail shop.

  3. I purchased my 64gig3g iPad from JB hifi and at no time was forced to buy a thing, I did want a case and screen protector and 3G microsim and I did buy those at the time… But wasn’t forced or told I needed too

  4. As an Australian (living in Australia) let me add my two cents’ worth (as against people going off on a tangent on communism; or making sweeping statements about this country or that from the comfort of some North American abode).

    JB Hi-Fi put themselves across as a budget electronics/hi-fi outfit. They are not. In their catalogues their prices are listed with words such as; “amazing”, “nuts”, “go crazy”. However, when you compare the prices you find that that they are on par or more expensive than other competitors.

    Recently I bought a Panasonic plasma TV and at Harvey Norman the set was $200 cheaper than the same model at JB. Likewise when I bought Snow Leopard at JB their catalogue describes the listed price as “crazy”. Except the listed price was that advertised by Apple. And that price was the same in every sales outlet (selling Snow Leopard) throughout the country.

    JB HI-Fi use very pushy advertising to come across as slick n’ hip and suck in young consumers. No, it’s not illegal but you do have to wonder about their ethics.

    Now the one thing that I found interesting is that this problem only happened at JB and at more than one outlet. Sounds like a corporate stuff-up from JB and I guess someone went “crazy” or went “nuts” when they dreamed up this approach.

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