Apple iPad apps double in past six weeks; App Store passes 10,000 iPad apps milestone

“During his keynote address at WWDC on Monday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs rattled off some key statistics. Among them was that there are 8,500 native iPad apps. Actually, at the time, Apple had over 9,000, but we’ll let that slide,” MG Siegler reports for TechCrunch.

“How do I know how many app there were? Because unlike other stores Apple oversees, they actually posts the number of apps available for the iPad,” Siegler reports. “And that number just hit 10,000.”

Siegler reports, “Back at the end of April, it was reported that Apple was approaching 5,000 iPad apps (actually, they were past that number at the time). That means that in about six weeks, the iPad App Store has doubled in size.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “GetMeOntop” for the heads up.]


  1. “Considering that iPhone apps work with iPad, I think it’s disingenuous to say that “the iPad app store has doubled”

    No its not, you moron, 10,000 apps _specifically_ designed for the iPad.
    No one said the App Store just double, you twat.

  2. Have you done something to disable READER in safari 5??
    Very frustrating if you have as I really hate those pop ups when the mouse goes over words. I understand you have to make money advertising but that is just intrusive. Might have to take MDN off my RSS feeds.

  3. @ mike–

    Wow… That attack came from nowhere.

    There are over 200,000 apps that work on the iPad, so to say that iPad apps have doubled in that timeframe is an incomplete statement.

    Seriously though, have a nice day… Clearly, you need it; at your current rate you’ll be dead from stress in no time.

  4. @ reader
    -“Very frustrating if you have as I really hate those pop ups when the mouse goes over words.”-

    I fail to see the problem. Why is your mouse going over
    words? Do you read a real book with your index finger
    scanning the words as they are being read? How old
    are you again? Was finger painting a challenge in

  5. Well, let’s face it, 200,000 apps most of which will work on the iPad even though they are not iPad apps but iPhone/iPod apps.

    Most of them work as if they were Widgets or badly pixelated giant Widgets.

    iPad apps are apps that were made specifically for the iPad or have been rewritten and enhanced for the iPad.

    If you used an iPad you would know the difference.

  6. @ daugav369pils–

    I understand this one. The flash crap gets in the way, not from using the mouse cursor to follow the words, but from scrolling through the page as you read.

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