Coincident TV unveils authoring tools for building interactive HTML5 video for Apple iOS devices

Coincident TV (CTV) have announced additional support for HTML5 video, enabling CTV users to quickly create and edit cross-platform video content targeted for iPad and other HTML5-enabled devices. To access iPad demos, visit

The CTV Experience Builder software offering HTML5 video updates to CTV authoring tools will be available to participants in the company’s private beta program, which is now expanding beyond tier 1 broadcasters.

CTV transforms month-long, multi-person custom coding projects for interactive video using traditional editing tools into short creative sessions, unlocking the true potential of online video. Content owners, advertisers and brands can rapidly build in-browser interactive video ads and applications for Web-enabled devices, including both Flash and HTML5 compatible platforms, that extend engagement with brands, peers, content and commerce through contextual advertising, immersive storytelling, live social media elements and enhanced digital marketing.

“Today’s advertisers and content creators require rapid, cost-effective solutions for building cross-platform immersive video experiences,” said David Kaiser, CTV founder and chief executive officer, in the press release. “Coincident TV solves this problem for both Flash and HTML5 on PCs and mobile devices with a new class of solutions that sharply reduce the hours required to build them and deliver more compelling, engaging and profitable experiences.”

CTV’s solution captures key features of new ad formats such as iAd™ where the emotional peaks in video are synchronized with ad delivery and where seamless cross-media presentation is accomplished without browser tabs or windows. The software can also enhance online video on virtually any platform, including self-hosted video and content on popular video hosting sites like YouTube,, thePlatform or Brightcove, among others.

To request access to the beta program, visit:

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