Adobe sees Flash on over 250 million ‘smartphones’ by end of 2012

“Adobe Systems Inc. on Wednesday said it sees its popular Flash Player on more than 250 million smartphones by the end of 2012 despite Apple Inc’s ban on developers from using the popular multimedia software on its iPhone,” Sue Zeidler reports for Reuters.

“Adobe said on Wednesday it has long provided a scaled-down version of its Flash software for cellphones that are less powerful than the new generation of smartphones which enable consumers to surf the full Web and watch videos and rich media,” Zeidler reports. “Apple’s Chief Executive Steve Jobs has sharply criticized Flash, calling it unreliable and ill-suited for mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad, raising questions about its security and power-management.”

“But Adobe said its newest Flash version was gaining traction with smartphone makers in spite of Apple’s resistance,” Zeidler reports. “‘Maybe we don’t get to the iPhone or iPad,’ Anup Murarka, director of technology strategy, told Reuters in an interview, but added: ‘If anything, we’re seeing continued growth in the install base and the usage of Flash and we see that continuing to grow,’ he said.”

“By predicting its Flash Player would be in over 250 million smartphones by the end of 2012, Adobe said it expects its Flash software to be supported in 53 percent of the more than 300 million smartphones expected to ship in 2012,” Zeidler reports. “Industry analysts predict more than 200 million smartphones to be sold in 2010, with close to 10 percent of those carrying Flash.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Flash is being marginalized. Any content provider worth anything simply cannot ignore 100+ million iOS devices.


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