MacDailyNews releases free MacDailyNews app update for Apple iOS devices

Version 2.2.3 of the MacDailyNews app for Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) has been released via Apple’s iTunes App Store. MDN 2.2.3 includes a fix for specific situations in which the iPhone/iPod list of articles was blank or partially loaded when upon returning from an article.

If you have the app, please update ASAP and thank you for your patience as we swat bugs on an app designed for both iPhone/iPod touch and a new device, Apple’s revolutionary iPad. If you don’t have the app, please give it a try!

MDN is MacDailyNews in your pocket! Now, even on the go, you won’t miss a story.

Just like MacDailyNews, the MDN app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch features daily news about Apple, Mac OS X, the Macintosh platform, iPad, iPhone, iPod, and more. It’s where the Mac community goes to discuss these daily Apple-related news items in their own words with real-time Reader Feedback.

The MDN app offers Push Notifications. When enabled, the MDN app will notify users when each new article is posted. As always, to control the various aspects of notifications (Sounds, Alerts, Badges), on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, tap Settings > Notifications > MDN.

Features include:
•- Quick, up-to-the minute Apple-related news headlines
– Save articles to device for off-line reading
•- Visited headlines change color; so you know what you’ve read at a glance
– Push notifications
•- Easy-to-read layouts for both portrait and landscape modes
– Full article display with dynamic Reader Feedback
– One-button tap for instant, dedicated feedback
– Easy login screen for registered users
– AAPL stock ticker with NASDAQ index

More info and free download link here.


  1. On my 3GS, it still shows a blank page when returning from an article to the main page -until I touch and scroll, then the headlines re-appears!
    Just thought I’d let you know (and yes, I’ve rebooted after installing)

    Best regards

  2. It still sucks… I’m using it now, so ought to know.

    It’s a basically good design, looks-wise, though why it ALWAYS launches in portrait mode and then spins over to landscape mode, eludes me… The list of articles continues to be plagued by being empty until you exit the app and enter it again…

    Articles are not cached, which makes ZERO sense… Seriously, download x# articles at each load… No big deal..let the. User decide how far back to go, but only download new articles, not go back years, or even weeks… Just a days worth and if the reader wants to go back further, download another days worth, etc. Way better then making us have to save the articles… After all, the real articles, the links, are what an intelligent reader wants, not just the trite commentary by some weenie in his grammies basement…

    Speaking fo which, let us open the articles directly in Safari… Your strangely framed browser window when clicking on a link is stupid… It just makes the opened page too narrow to read easily, and yes, one can zoom in, but there is no lock to keep it from sliding left and right… So, what do I do? I tap and hold on the link, copy the URL and paste into Safari… That gets old right quick…

    Anyhow, basedon experience, this post will self destruct in….

  3. I still get the blank screen after punching the back button too.

    I have a work-around though, I drag downward on the blank screen and release, forcing the page to reload.

    Maybe next time?

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