Jim Cramer: Apple will hit $300 per share (with video)

On TheStreet TV, Jim Cramer answers Twitter questions on Apple, Teva, tech and Encana.

Cramer reiterates his $300 price target on Apple (AAPL) shares:

Direct link via TheStreet TV here.

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  1. cramer has sounded pretty right on lately. and like it or not, what he says is taken as gold. he pumped ARM yesterday and now it’s up 4%! when the rest of the market is down 1 or 2 points

  2. Scuz me, but noone has explained the 1000 point drop in a 1/2 hour(or whatever it was remember), not to long ago.
    What? People should just except No Explination?
    Well Jimmy, people might want to hear it.
    May happen again. 2000 point drop in 5 min. Anybody give a $h&l;? Maybe I missed the expliination.

  3. “The big problem with Cramer ,is I knoticed the ones he suggest’s usually do the opposite for a while, but he actually might be right on this”

    You’re supposed to buy on the way down, not on the way up, you friggin tool. Cramer actually does the homework on these companies. And yea, he’s been recommending Apple since like 2002. It’s not really a shocker that AAPL is an awesome investment.

  4. I sold my AAPL yesterday and it has dropped $8 a share since. I plan to buy it back. Just trying to find the bottom of this drop. Have to watch it close. I hope this week is just a hiccup and we should start to see it go back up soon. The NASDAQ is bringing it down as it is tied to it.

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