iVdopia launches HTML5 ad-authoring solution for iPhone and iPad ads

iVdopia, a video and rich media mobile advertising network, today announced the launch of the Future5, the first HTML5 ad-authoring solution available for the iPhone and iPad. This solution lets advertisers to create and customize HTML5 iPhone and iPad ads.

As Adobe’s Flash does not run on the iPhone and iPad, many advertisers and agencies that rely on the language are finding themselves locked out because of their inability to work in HTML5. iVdopia’s Future5 is an affordable alternative that allows advertisers to choose from a variety of ad format templates to create specialized, even unique effects in HTML5 that can be customized and combined with the advertiser’s image, video or audio clip to deliver dynamic results. These highly engaging and interactive ad units allow users to not just watch the video ad, but also visit the product’s website, watch additional clips, play games, share across Twitter and Facebook or download content, among other options. Future5 is also available for Android.

“As leaders in mobile advertising, iVdopia has witnessed how advertisers are eager to capitalize on dynamic ad units, but are reeling from the $1 million cost of the iAd,” said iVdopia Chief Operating Officer Chhavi Upadhyay in the press release. “iVdopia’s Future5 makes Flash-like mobile ads possible with a revolutionary, easy-to-use HTML ad-authoring technology that gives advertisers what they have been waiting for – a more versatile, far more affordable alternative to the iAd.”

With its launch in March 2009, iVdopia introduced the first mobile ads that let users stay within the application. iVdopia also introduced the first social media ads for mobile with Talk2Me; the first high-def ads on the iPad; and the Viper Ads, which deliver a new level of user engagement for ads on the iPhone and the iPad.

“We understand that almost every brand and advertiser out there wants to connect with the growing mobile audience of more than 60 million Americans,” said Saurabh Bhatia, iVdopia co-founder and Chief Business Officer. “In a market where more than an estimated $3.8 billion will be spent annually on advertising, the current ad options are way too expensive, or just can’t be customized enough to fit advertiser needs.

iVdopia is the largest video and rich media mobile advertising network, pioneering rich media and video advertising on smart phones, including Pre-App video and social networking options on smart mobile devices, and high-definition video ads for the iPad. iVdopia’s brand-centric mobile advertising network and platform is used by top developers and brands such as Coca-Cola, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers and Miller Lite to deliver premium advertising campaigns.

The holding company Vdopia Inc. is the fastest growing, venture-funded advertising technology company focused exclusively on premium audiences in the world. The privately held, venture-backed company is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has offices in San Jose and Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, Chicago, IL, and Gurgaon and Mumbai, India.

MacDailyNews Note: The source for this information is from a iVdopia press release. We’ve rewritten it in spots and removed repeated references to “Apple overcharging for iAd,” the “bloated Apple price tag” for iAd, etc.


  1. Who apart from advertisers would call an ad ‘engaging’? Who on earth would share an advert with others on twitter or facebook?

    Must be the same people who make spam worthwhile. Someone must… I spose. It’s hard to imagine.

  2. I will definitely click on ads on products that I am interested in if they do not take me out of my app and if they give me more information about the product in a way that is entertaining.

    We need to pay for the stuff we have, people.

    Let’s at least have it better than the way it is now. And at least we’re moving away from Flash.

    And I’m also glad there’s competition, even for Apple.

  3. Wow – you guys have edited a third partys press release just because you wanted to? Admitting it or not doesn’t make it less wrong. You guys are truly screwed up on this site.

  4. $1M is the current rate that Apple is charging for ad placement.

    OK, I am not an advertisement guru. This still does not make sense. Every add cost $1M?

    Anyone with actual knowledge of what is going on, please comment.

    Thanks in advance,

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