Apple’s stunning new iPhone 4 strikes out Android-based phones

With their new iPhone 4 and its iOS 4 software, “Apple’s marketing makes it very clear that iOS delivers multitasking that works, rather than an unrestricted environment where your battery doesn’t anymore,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted. “Strike one at Android.”

“Steve Jobs also articulated on stage the value of creating an integrated product, highlighting both FaceTime and iMovie as integrated applications of the new cameras,” Dilger writes. “Google has no impetus to deliver sophisticated applications of hardware it isn’t selling; it leaves that up to the hardware makers, who are all terrible at software. That’s why, despite having a fancier camera than the 3GS, the Droid was panned for not being able to take decent pictures. Which is why most people want a camera in the first place, as opposed to having bragging rights on hardware specifications. Strike two on Android.”

Dilger writes, “The Nexus One bellyflopped into the same shallow nonsense that Microsoft dove into with the Zune HD: displays that only look really good in candlelit rooms and flashy screen animations that make for a wizzy demo but an unpleasant or at at least non-optimal experience for end users. Both Google and Microsoft are trying to impress the press, not their customers. Incidentally, that’s also why both are championing Adobe Flash rather than explaining to their customers that a beta-level Flash Player is not worth their time or battery. That’s a third strike on Android.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yer out! Back to the copier, er… bench now, Android.


  1. Android – iOS
    AdMob – iAd

    Put them side by side, the names speak volumes on the approach and creation of the end products of the 2 companies. I hate that Google has now given the word Android a cold, bad rap, obliterating the warmth and humanity exhibited by the fame Star Wars droids.

  2. @acid
    LOL!! “I hate that Google has now given the word Android a cold, bad rap, obliterating the warmth and humanity exhibited by the fame Star Wars droids.”

    I am seriously laughing. I’ve never heard anyone mourn the idea of an android being “cold”, or long for a time when they were warm and human. Curse you George Lucas! Androids were designed to be cold and at least semi-inhuman. Give me some Asimov and Heinlein.

  3. I have poor AT&T;coverage at my home. But does that matter as long as I have my Airport Extreme on? IOW Will the iPhone make the connection that way while I’m home? Both in and out?

  4. the press, media and online chatter may be all for features, price, “open” standards and ability to do what we want, when we want for FREE…but apple is sticking to it’s guns to deliver an integrated solution for people to use.

    having retail stores, solid marketing, economies of scale and solid support (genius bar) make Apple the perfect consumer electronics maker. People aren’t afraid to use their products.

    as the Wii showed, the market is MUCH better than the press, media or online electronics geeks.

  5. But the Android will continue to gain market share.

    Each time any of the myriad of of droid builders comes up with a new model with the next fragmented version of their OS, there’s another fire sale of old models at 2 for 1 pricing, and sales volume jumps.

    Too bad the bumpkins don’t realize up-front cost of a cellphone is a drop in the bucket compared to two years of contractual commitment chained to a second-rate device.

  6. “But the Android will continue to gain market share.”

    AT&T took care of that last week with cheap data plans. Nobody in their sane mind will buy Droid and pay $70 per month if they can get an iPhone for the same money and pay $55 per month. Even BOGO deals don’t look that good; six months into your iPhone use, you’ve already made up the free phone price difference (two phones, two plans, $30 plus tax per month difference).

  7. @ spark

    don’t forget Phillip K Dick, author of “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”. Come to think of it “Electric Sheep” could be a good description of those who fall for all the Android BS…

  8. @tomL

    I agree. But marketshare doesn’t mean crap as Apple has proven with M$.

    The droids will end up suffering with snoopware, maleware, viruses and be all the happier for it. Ignorance is bliss. It’s a shame that they don’t realize that Giggle is only after ad revenue as opposed to there ‘utopian open world’.

    These are all the folks that are abandoning M$ in droves because they know the party is over. They need a new flag to rally around. Good for them. They need something to believe in.

    Just don’t feed the tro…droids.

  9. I supposed ‘droids’ are not so far off from describing Google automatons, like the way MSFT has been tagged as the Borg.

    Depends on the scifi you grow up with or preferred I guess. Robbie the Robot wasn’t so heartless, neither were the androids in Blade Runner. When I type on my iPad I’m reminded of the countless scenes in Star Trek NG where Data manned the helm. He and Spock would have certainly appreciate the iPhone and Macs.

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