Apple iPhone 4’s FaceTime and video phone sex go together like chocolate and peanut butter

Supreme Studio Makeover from “People pay money to look at naked people online. They also pay money for phone sex,” Brian Caulfield reports for Forbes. “And, yet, until now it’s been really hard to get porn on the iPhone.”

“You don’t have to be a literary genius to connect these dots,” Caulfield writes. “We’re talking chocolate and peanut butter here.”

Apple’s new FaceTime… “which will allow users to conduct video calls using the latest version of its iPhone (and, since Apple Chief Steve Jobs says he wants to make FaceTime an open standard, presumably between other devices one day, too)… may not find quite the audience Apple, and Steve Jobs, expect,” Caulfield writes. “It will, however, find an audience. Don’t believe me? Just go to Chatroulette and tell me what you find.”

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