RUMOR: Safari 5 to bow at WWDC with dramatic speed increases, greater HTML5 support, Bing option

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“A potentially significant rumor has Apple launching Safari 5 as soon as WWDC with new additions intended to beat Google,” Electronista reports.

“The browser would allegedly have an option for Bing alongside Google and Yahoo, reflecting a last-minute deal with Microsoft,” Electronista reports. “Apple would also bolster its HTML5 advocacy by supporting many more features, including geolocation, draggable items and video with closed-captioning and full-screen modes.”

“Several extra conspicuous updates would be in store, according to the release notes MacGeneration claimed to have,” Electronista reports. “A new Reader feature would turn articles into a single, ‘clutter-free’ page; it would also borrow elements from the address bars in Chrome and Firefox with awareness of bookmarks and history in the address bar. New browser windows would finally have the option of opening as new tabs by default.”

Electronista reports, “Speed will continue to be a focus, especially for Windows. Both Mac and Windows systems would get 25 percent faster JavaScript rendering and offset some of Chrome 5’s speedups.”

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  1. Microsoft actively uses Bing to filter out anti-MS news from queries.

    Until Bing stops being a propaganda tool for MS and returns data that I’ve requested, I will not use it

  2. Speed, that’s what I am talking about.

    For year, PC industry has focused on faster processors and memory, but not in faster programs. Every time there is a better hardware, programmers came with very heave code that makes your computer as slow as a 386.

    Apple has changed that since it started using wintel and with the iphone. They are not waiting for better hardware, they are making better software.

  3. A few months ago, an Apple software engineer I know told me the intention of the Safari team is to keep the browser as simple as possible. Hence, add-ons, or new features don’t come easy.

    3rd party Glims makes up for a lot of Safari’s feature deficiencies, however, it would be nice to see these things as native code rather than alterations to the program.

  4. But…but I thought the PC was dead! Apple’s a mobile services company now! Why would they need a new browser that’s not for the iPad or iPhone?

    (just filling in for “Truck Driver” while he’s on the road…)

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