MacDailyNews called Apple’s renaming of iPhone OS to ‘iOS’ in January 2010

Well, we called this one right back in January, as we reported, “According to our tipster, Apple will rename iPhone OS to ‘iOS’ in order to ‘better reflect the diversity of devices that will run the operating system: iPhone, iPod touch, and future devices to be announced.'” Full article: RUMOR: Apple to rename iPhone OS to ‘iOS’ (with video) – January 26, 2010

Then, four months later, in April 2010, we asked MacDailyNews readers what name Apple should use when they would inevitably need to rename iPhone OS to reflect the diversity of devices running it.

With nearly 4,000 responses, the results were:

Today, Apple officially renamed “iPhone OS” to “iOS.”

Congrats to 9.13% of our beloved readers!

MacDailyNews Note: Some of the more popular “other” answers from our readers included: iPhone OS (don’t change the name), MacTouch OS, Mobile OS X, and, simply “Steve.”


  1. In retrospect, “OS X Mobile” sounds too Microsoftian; not a good fit for Apple. I rather liked the candidates with “Touch” in them; but that was just me. I’m kinda underwhelmed with iOS, but I’m sure I’ll learn to live with it (could’ve been worse).

  2. I welcome the name change especially since it’s spreading out way past iPhone. iPhone OS was just too limiting in some individual’s minds, especially the critics. Now if they ever get the phone to Sprint…

  3. I dont care for iOS but in retrospect I guess it makes sense. Look at Apple’s home page. Everything is “i” something except Mac (even though there is an iMac).

    I suppose they will rename OS X to iOS when they rename Support to iSupport and Store to iStore.

  4. The subtext of all those W7 ads is that Microsoft is dumb. Why? Well, we know that already, but if W7 was the users’ idea, then why o why are the MS people getting the big bucks?

  5. A gut feeling tells me this is the start of the PC as “truck” distinction. One OS for Mac computers and one for personal devices (not necessarily mobile). OSX and iOS. iOS on iPod, iPhone and iPad: Can the iMac be far behind? Will iOS come to the Macbook, with a rename or will the plastic Macbook disappear?
    Big changes in the coming year.

  6. @ken1w

    “So now, when Mac OS X (10) has its next big evolution and goes to “11,” maybe it will be renamed iOS (something).”

    Why don’t they just make 10 better?

  7. The only problem with all the announcements today….

    Now the iPad looks like the OLD iPhone instead like the NEW line of Apple devices.

    just my $0.02

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