Apple CEO Steve Jobs still manages to wow with super-thin, high-resolution iPhone 4

“Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs still managed to wow his fans with the widely anticipated new iPhone, called iPhone 4, despite a demo glitch on stage,” Therese Poletti reports for MarketWatch.

“Even during a demo glitch due to WiFi congestion, Jobs managed to get the fanboys and girls, as well as investors, excited about Apple’s new, super-thin smart phone,” Poletti reports. “New features, some already anticipated after the infamous iPhone-gate, include a built-in video camera, an improved camera system, better screen resolution technology, and the ability to make a movie with Apple’s iMovie software.”

Poletti reports, “Jobs also unveiled “one more thing,” his famous catch phrase for a big surprise… Jobs said the iPhone 4-to-iPhone 4 video calling feature, called ‘FaceTime’ will work initially over a WiFi network only in 2010. In an acknowledgment that video calling is going to be a big bandwidth draw on the network, Jobs said Apple has to ‘work with the carriers.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple ought to try working with competent U.S. carriers. Oh, right, there aren’t any.

Poletti continues, “While Jobs didn’t quite pull a rabbit out of the hat, it does appear that this is the biggest improvement to the iPhone since it was launched over three years ago.”

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  1. Now that the keynote is done, can we get a break from all the Verizon rumors for at least six months? Please??????


    Maybe not…

    Steve still has one more thing (or more than one) scheduled for June 22.

    I’m hoping AT&T;gets the new iPhone all to their own … for two more weeks (until two days short of start their exclusive-no-longer phones)

  2. Why no sprint or verizon? They are losing a huge market by staying 1 carrier only. Also why not go 4in screen or 4.5? It would be nice for a little bigger screen.

    It does look cool though just was hoping for bigger screen finally and a few other things.

  3. This new iPhone does make previous iPhones (and obviously the competition) look like toys. What an amazing device…

    This new screen is Apple’s first step to resolution independence. If 326 DPI is beyond the limit of the average human eye, at 10-12 inches, to see individual pixels, then a 160 DPI display should be good enough at typical computer screen distance for the same effect. Once that point is achieved on iMacs, MacBooks, and Cinema Displays, Apple can do some interesting things with the Mac OS GUI. It may even be the basis to go to “Mac OS XI (11)” (or whatever it will be called), after one final “big cat” release (“Lion”?) next year.

  4. How come no one has really mentioned the larger antenna(s)? To me this is huge, and can hopefully make up for some of the bad reception in certain areas.

  5. I thought about buying an iPad yesterday to get in on the unlimited data plan. Am I glad I didn’t – it’s tired technology already. You can tell what sort of technology will be in the new iPad; for now, the new iPhone will have 78% of the pixels of the iPad. I’ll be happy to stick with a laptop, and upgrade my phone.

  6. Wow! Wow! Wow! Apple keeps on innovating. It’s not a perfect company, but (to borrow a Caribbean colloquialism) “let’s give Jack his jacket.” Apple earned more stripes today for sure. Can’t wait to replace my iPhone 3G and upgrade my work iPhone 3Gs.

  7. It’s interesting catching the movie “2010” on TV yesterday – it’s easy to imagine innovation, be it video chat or spaceships, but damn hard to actually make it work right. That’s why we don’t have a everyday flying car yet, but at least we now have the controller for it I think (iPhone 4).

  8. I am not impressed at all and because I am pretty sure the next Hemroid will have 1080P. And it will have 4 cameras and 4 microphones so you can record people to the left and right not just front and back and surround sound. It will have 1920 X 1080 tiny tiny pixels resolution and be so bright you will need to wear dark glasses. And it will be so thin you can see through it. And it will be so light it will float. Suck on that early adopters.

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