Bill Gates: ‘iPad is not quite there yet… because it has no input’

Bill Gates talked with CNN’s Larry King yesterday evening, Bianca Bosker reports for The Huffington Post.

On Apple’s iPad:

“We’re all trying to get to something that you just love to take to a meeting and use and it [the iPad] is not quite there yet. You need to have input. You need to take notes and edit things. Microsoft and a bunch of other companies are working on getting that final, ultimate product. […] It [the iPad] still isn’t the device that I’d take to a meeting because it has no input. What he’s looking for: A device “where I can use the pen, where I can use voice. There are solutions in the labs that are starting to look very good.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This article purposely posted via iPad, a device whose input options include, among other things, voice, pen, software keyboard, hardware keyboards, fingers, and sausages. He probably wants a built-in floppy drive. Listen, Bill, sorry, but this time there’s no poorly-written contract signed by an unprepared sugared water salesbozo for you to misuse as your own personal ATM card, you derivative hack.”

If, in just the last 60 days, Apple’s iPad hasn’t already outsold the combined total of all of the tablets to which Gates and Co. have contributed to over the course of the last decade, it soon will.


  1. The iPad’s lack of Input?
    WTF is he talking about?

    Multi-touch? Built-In. Check.
    Stylus? Pogo Sketch. Check.
    Voice recording? Many Apps. Check.
    Voice to Text? Several Apps. Check.

    Again, what’s he talking about?

  2. @jtc…
    If you want to know WHY it’s called Microsoft, look no further than Bill’s briefs. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. It’s funny how when his own vision for a product fails to catch on he simply responds with …’but I didn’t really mean that sort of (whatever) I really meant this (whatever Apple produces) but with added this or that added’. And of course in the end the gullible (many who no doubt write the history) determine that what’s produced is really his original vision all along. I suppose for him you may as well go on as you started out.

  4. Solutions in the lab: priceless! I bet the big ass table looked good in the lab too. How many have they sold? The 3d jump around game console? Isn’t it due soon? That didn’t even work in the lab, just a nice promo video. Why doesn’t someone call him out on his empty promises? No visionary at all

  5. The problem is, I guess, that the haptic feedback required by a pen is different from the one you want for touch-input.
    Maybe if there was some sort of WACOM-addon tablet (via USB), it could make sense: use the WACOM to write and the display to touch and move stuff around.
    Voice input is useless for almost any office-type environment.
    Home-office workers, doctors and people sitting alone in an office may like it – but that’s a market even Apple would view too small to conquer.
    Bill probably has an office for himself, that’s why he always comes up with that voice-input babble.
    How often do you use the iPhone voice-activated calling?

  6. The man (?) is a bozo! Okay, I will admit, I once thought he was a savior from all that that made no sense (Lotus) when I got Multiplan, Word and File for my precious original Mac. But since then, it has been all down hill with him in my view.

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